The Queen is dead. The Queen of rock’n roll that is. Tina Turner left this earth at the grand age of 83. She lived life to the fullest. She had to through a lot (A LOT) of misery, but found glory and real love. Fortunately.

Now, no one’s saying that she didn’t deserve her stadium-wide success. But, honestly, those rock hits were just not really everyone’s cup of tea, back then, and now. Her deep soul and hard funkin’ tracks she made with the dispicable (but as a songwriter and musician, really genius) Ike Turner are still shining bright. So, when it comes to digging up Tina’s not-so-well-known, but fantastic tracks (‘nuggets’) we turn to the sixties & seventies.

Originals, covers, songs written by Tina herself, with the Ikettes, they all growl like a rocket on a platform. So sensual, so wild, so cool. Rest in Power, Tina.