Something Happening Somewhere is het label van Nuno dos Santos, maar het is ook een ‘speeltuin zonder hekken’. Deze Perfect wordt gevormd (en regelmatig geüpdatet) door releases van SoHaSo maar ook favo’s van Nuno in het electronic music spectrum.


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Liner notes:

On a Saturday night you might find yourself in a dark, smoky club, dancing until your clothes are soaking wet, but somewhere else in the world someone is cutting down a tree in a rainforest at the same time. A red car crashes into a lamppost and a girl with curly hair falls deeply in love with a Japanese mailman.

Something Happening Somewhere. The name of the new record label founded by the DJ, producer and Trouw resident Nuno Dos Santos, residing in Utrecht, The Netherlands. “The name itself leaves a lot open for your own imagination. I want to release musical material from befriended producers, new talent and my own work on Something Happening Somewhere (SoHaSo).”