De zon, het park in. En dan…dan…niks doen. Ja, drinken, barbecuen en muziek luisteren. Heerlijk. Singer-songwriter Tessa Rose Jackson weet ook hoe het werkt en maakte dé soundtrack voor dat parkse leventje waar we veel te weinig van mogen genieten in Nederland.


Liner notes:
What’s that big yellow thing up in the sky? Could it.. could it be the sun? Unfamiliar as we Dutchies may be with this phenomenon, once it’s upon as we all instinctively know what to do: run like crazy to the park! Sizzling barbecues, wine bottles, sandwiches and sunglasses.. the works. We all do this, the young and the old, the parents and the children. So what better soundtrack for this very Dutch tradition than a collection of up-beat indie/pop/folk tracks to keep you from nodding off in the sunny grass? The old-school.. and the new-school! – Tessa Rose Jackson