Tis the most wonderful time of the year – again. Bestest Christmas songs released this year, selected by Santa @Guuzbourg. Mostly originals, a dash of covers and reworks. Dutch, French, English, tis all here. Enjo-ho-ho-hoy!

Liner notes:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – again. New songs about Christmas, pro and con, released this year. This time, with a dash of covers. ‘So Much Wine’ by the Handsome Family was covered this year by Phoebe Bridgers, but the lesser known Katy Kirby made quite an impression too. So did Australian Bjéar, who released TWO Christmas albums with fantastically arranged classics and original tracks – but this ‘Silent Night’ version was just too good to leave out. Stille Nacht by regulars Clean Pete was transformed in a lush, sultry ballad.

There are songs in Dutch, in French, ballads (there were a lot of ballads this year), punk rock, funny tracks, jazz, blues, indie rock and instrumentals. It was hell cutting down a longlist from 300 song to this more handy playlist, but hey, this is what we do for you. Enjoy!