door Norbert Pek
Dé playlist tijdens jouw halve quarantaine-werkdag. Vier uur exact.
Stop thinking, start drinking!
door Ruby Zwart
Young souls making old soul, old souls making new soul which sounds like old soul. In short: Perfect New Vintage Soul.
door Sandeman
Do nothing. Hear everything. A totally chilled out selection by Sandeman.
door Patrick Little
All good things come to those who...sit.
door Wilbert Leering
Don't bother getting up...this Perfect will do all the work for you. Mellow, but never boring. Just like you, right? :-)
door Chung Hwa Chao
Young souls making old soul, old souls making new soul which sounds like old soul sounding like new soul. In short: Perfect New Vintage Souls.
door Herre Huberts
This is becoming a real nice series within the Perfect-series. Perfect for hanging on the couch or sofa surfing or whatever you do on that thing in your living room.
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door Norbert Pek
Nothing pretentious, just over 480 alternative tracks we remember the 2000-up years by. Arctic Monkeys to Arcade Fire, Elbow to Kanye West, LCD Soundsystem to Röyksopp to Alt-J and much much more.
door Anniek van der Klift
Spring is in the Air! A 'happy go lucky' XL playlist, but with a smart twist. Violens, Midlake, Paul Simon, Brothertiger, Cut Copy, Bibio, New Look, High Highs, Nurses, Twin Sister & more.
door Norbert Pek
Spring is in the air, so it's time for some really uplifting songs. Norbert Pek waves at the sun with The Coral, Rilo Kiley, Fanfarlo, I Am Kloot, Arthur Alexander, Magic Kids, New Pornographers and more.
door Norbert Pek
Oh, those days spent inside. What to listen? Well, these brilliant songs. Norbert Pek selected e.g. Grils, Twin Sister, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, PJ Harvey, The War On Drugs.
door René Noels
An extra long playlist of probably the most famous record label in the world. No bad tracks, feat. Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, The Jackson 5, Commodores.
Perfect-2009-300×300 copy
door Niels Aalberts, Wilbert Leering
20 Tracks from the 20 best albums of 2009. It was a good year, feat. The xx, Bibio, Editors, Fever Ray, Animal Collective, Jack Peñate, Fink, Kyteman, Patrick Watson and Loney, Dear.
door René Noels
Originals that could be covers and covers that should have been originals, by Ryan Adams, Neil Diamond, Ane Brun, Ben Harper, Ice T, Tori Amos, Scissor Sisters, My Morning Jacket, Johnny Cash.
door Mitch Roedoe
Great director, with a great taste for music. Mitch Roedoe turned it into a very nice Perfect, with tracks by The Zombies, Faces, Nick Drake, David Bowie, Paul Simon, The Clash, Love, Elliott Smith.
door Atze de Vrieze
Girl Power way before it was Girl Power. Real attitude, without the talk-to-the-hand-thing. Soul sisters with a message. You hear The Supremes, Martha Reeves, Ann Peebles, Freda Payne, Irma Thomas singing.
door Norbert Pek
Summer is always here, thanks to Norbert Pek. This XL list goes back to the 2008 edition. We will continue to update this playlist.
door Niels Aalberts, Norbert Pek, Wilbert Leering
We also have some favourite favourite songs. In this list you'll find 'm. Weekly improved, all year quality.
door St. Paul
Goosebumps to the max. The gift that keeps on giving. The all you can eat buffet of great music, served bij dj St. Paul.
door Norbert Pek
The best summer music from 2012, like every year selected by Norbert Pek: Django Django, Alabama Shakes, Howler, Rufus Wainwright, Jack White, The Maccabees and much, much more.
door Wilbert Leering, Niels Aalberts
Having a drink with friends in the afternoon? At the office? Getting ready for the night? This is where your party starts. Incl. Stevie Wonder, Dusty Springfield, Shirley Bassey, Crystals, Nick Drake, Billy Paul.
perfecthesaidshesaid copy
door Niels Aalberts
Boys singing about girls, girls singing about boys. A great selection, with Dusty Springfield, The Concretes, Del Shannon, Diana Ross, Bright Eyes, Gallon Drunk, Gram Parsons and lots and lots of soul.
door Adriaan Pels
Number 9, number 9, number 9... Adriaan @atease Pels does it again, with e.g. Spoon, Alamo Race Track, Tame Impala, Spandau Ballet, Kenny Rogers, Steve Miller Band, Ian Dury, Lloyd Cole.
2012 was a great year! Musically speaking, we mean. This Perfect gives you 20 songs of the 20 best albums (according to 64 people) of 2012.
door Mark van Everdinck
Nothing wrong with a bit of melancholy, with tracks by Jake Bugg, Elbow, The National, The Drums, Bertolf, Blaudzun, Angus & Julia Stone, M. Ward, Case Mayfield, Bon Iver, The xx.
door Adriaan Pels
Turning your office into... A slightly better office. Including Jacco Gardner, The Flirts, Beck, The Beat, William Shatner, Small Faces, Temples, Dr. Feelgood, Wang Chung, Lefties Soul Connection.
door Niels Aalberts
If this Perfect-series was called The Ultimate-series, this would be The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac. But we have to settle for Perfection.