door Rufus Ketting

Dit soort dingen missen enorm op; pianomuziek. Geen gepingel tussen de schuifdeuren, maar het spul van de bovenste plank. Rufus Ketting, graag geziene gast… lees meer

door Niels & Wilbert
Our annual Christmas gift for your ears.
door Niels & Wilbert
Ears are like Turkeys...they need filling.
door Niels Aalberts & Wilbert Leering
Thank god for Bruno Mars, Tracey Ullman, Troye Sivan, Jessie Ware, Woods, Feld, Adele, Tessa Rose Jackson and many merry more. Our Christmas gift for your ears.
door Didi Hardenberg
Music for the front porch. At sunrise, at sunset, at any time of the day. Somewhere in North or South America.
door Didi Hardenberg
'For your bedroom needs, we sell everything but the girl!'
door Niels & Wilbert

Kerstgevoel zonder jingle bells. Merry zonder Mariah. Enjoy!  

door David Kleijwegt
David Kleijwegt is one the biggest Dutch fans of Scott Walker... And you kinda hear that in this compilation.
door Steve Balearics
Collection of old and new balearic-inspired music. Expect an eclectic mix of cosmic, ambient and organic tunes suiting your perfect sunday morning.
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.
door Wilbert Leering
Pass the rosé.
door Didi Hardenberg & Guuzbourg
We wish you a Perfect Jazzy Christmas.
door Gwen "G.T." Thomas
Fantastic vocal arrangements.
door Henno Oldenbeuving
One for the road.
door Norbert Pek
Empowering the fine art of staying indoors ;-)
door Rene Noels
As long as fall comes back, René Noels keeps making these Perfect Autumns. Volume 9.
door Wilbert Leering
Sun for your soul, soul for the sun.
door Peter Jeucken
This Perfect Aimee Mann might as well be called Perfect Popsongs.
door Wilbert Leering
A wholesome start of your everyday.
door Niels Aalbert & Wilbert Leering

Pop, maar dan net een beetje grootser en meeslepender. Serveertip: een stevige rode wijn. Enjoy!  

door Didi Hardenberg
Chet Baker's story is just as heroic as it is tragic...
door X
Nor shall death brag thou wander'st in his shade, when in eternal lines to time thou grow'st.
The man.
door Rufus Ketting
The best pity of al pities: selfpity.
door Rene Noels
Gotta love Fall.
door Rene Noels
Fall never sounded better.
door Sander van der Horn
There's no such things as a perfect divorce of course...or is there?
The party is over. But the music is there to ease the pain.
door Beans & Fatback
Good 'ol god fearing gospel...but not the pedal to the metal kind. Just a voice, a guitar and percussion. And hope of course.
door Didi Hardenberg
Prepare for some good ol' heartaches, sadness and suffering...all in the name of country music.
door Sandeman
Another edition by our favorite couch instructor: Sandeman.
door Didi Hardenberg
New Orleans is one of the world's most fascinating cities. Steeped in a history of influences from Europe, the Caribbean, Africa and beyond, it's home to a truly unique melting pot of culture, food and music.
door Norbert Pek
While hiding for winterstorms that never come, this is your soundtrack. For the 5th time Norbert Pek made Perfect Binnen Blijven. With some great recent tracks and some of that good old melancholia.
door Nick Klaessens
Before Haruki Murakami became one the most admired writers of the world, he had a jazz club. This Perfect combines them...
You must turn to the dark side. A perfect collection of delightful gloomy tracks to keep the mood low and the tempo slow.
door Rufus Ketting
A perfect playlist to pity yourself. Part Three.
door Niels Aalberts & Wilbert Leering
Putting 'holy' into 'holy shit'! Christmassy without the clichés, but with everything you want for christmas. Very merry.
door Didi Hardenberg
Miles was miles ahead. Hear his legacy live on in this Perfect.
door Alwine de Jong
Ella Fitzgerald. The greatest? Maybe! A perfect Perfect? Definitely!
door Wilbert Leering
Solace. As in 'Beauty as a cure for everything'. Part three.
door Wilbert Leering
Beauty equals comfort.
door Didi Hardenberg
A perfect ode to the jazz dreamteams, the quintets.
door Thomas Chavarria
Yezz, it's Perfect Hip Hop Jazz!
door Joost Pluijms
Go where the music takes you. This perfect is your perfect travel companion. Or as Joost Pluijms puts it: "sheer indulgent relaxation and blissful laziness, being deliciously idle!". Cheers.
door Pondertone
A 17 track perfect synopsis of Eels. Gloomy: yes, boring: never. Around the dark clouds the weltschmerz, guilt and sorrow there is still some silver lining...this is not rock bottom, it can always get worse!
door Zzzzz
See you in the morning.
A small ode by 15 fans for one of the biggest voices ever...
door Job Roggeveen
What inspires Happy Camper Job Roggeveen to make such beautful songs? Well: eels, Das Pop, Sufjan Stevens, Chilly Gonzales and more. Great songs only.
door St. Paul
Goosebumps way down to your soul. St Paul offers you the cream of the crop, with sugar on top. Part 7 of the stuff we grave for.
door Jacqueline Govaert
Jacqueline Govaert's new album Songs To Soothe does exactly what the title promises. This Perfect contains the beautiful songs that were floating around while making her new album...
door René Noels
All you need is a couch and 1 hour and 55 minutes...
door Lukie Stalenhoef
TGFG! (Thank God for gravity!). It will keep you down, down where you belong: on the couch. Sit, take a chill pill and...'hang bank' for a good hour.
door Nick Klaessens
Jules Deeler. Poet, jazz drummer, performer, story teller, living legend This Perfect is a collection of typical Deelder-ian tracks.
door Didi Hardenberg
Jazz & Country, two seemingly incompatible worlds of music. 'Seemingly', indeed. Didi Hardenberg proves that these two genres are closer to each other than one might expect...and how this cross over produced some great tunes.
door Rufus Ketting
It's not a bad thing to pity your self every once in a long as you do something about it. That's where this Perfect comes in. It gives you even more pain, other people's pain. Very therapeutic. This is Part 1. Need more? Part 2 is waiting for you!
door Rufus Ketting
It's not a bad thing to pity your self every once in a long as you do something about it. That's where this Perfect comes in. It gives you even more pain, other people's pain. Very therapeutic. This is Part 2. Need more? Part 1 is waiting for you!
door Tessa Rose Jackson
Part 9 of our favorite Perfect-series. This edition is compiled by Tessa Rose Jackson. Sit down, take a chill pill and float upstream...let the music do all the work.
door Niels Aalberts, Wilbert Leering
Ears are like turkeys, they need filling too. The first in a series of Xmas compilations, to be played during Xmas dinner or on December evenings. Feat. Elbow, Beirut, Yeasayer, Malcolm McLaren, Phoenix, Spoon, Richard Hawley.
door Wilbert Leering, Niels Aalberts
Ears are like turkeys, they need filling too. The 2nd in a series of Xmas compilations, to be played during Xmas dinner or on December evenings. Hives, Pogues, Kate Bush, Fleet Foxes, Ronettes, Chi-Lites.
door Ruben Huis in t Veld
Brilliant Dreampop with a hint of classical music. Made for the fall and the winter. Made to ease troubles and pains. Made in Canada, with love.
door Didi Hardenberg
A Perfect "Hats off to the piano" by our Jazz-dealer Didi Hardenberg. As he puts it himself 'easy, jazzy, laid back, groovy', that little line just htere has a groove of its own.So you know it's gonna be cooler than a polar bear's toenails.
door Guuzbourg
Piano means 'easy' in Latin. And 'smooth' and 'graceful'. Exactly the right words to describe this Perfect as well.
door Martin Verdult
"You call it facial hair...we call it awesomeness that comes out of our face". But then in the form of music. Great tunes again on this second coming, compiled by Martin Verdult. Enjoy, let them grow on you...exactly, like a beard.
door Wilbert Leering
Don't bother getting up...this Perfect will do all the work for you. Mellow, but never boring. Just like you, right? :-)
door Roosmarijn Reijmer
Perfect love. Classic autumn tunes, handpicked by 3FM's Roosmarijn)
door René Noels
Between sorrow & hope, fear &'s not the fall that hurts, it's when you hit the ground. It's not the fall that's when you hit the ground.
door Didi Hardenberg
The difference between jazz en jazzzzzzzz. Didi Hardenberg takes you by the hand, go with him...'cause he knows.
door Martin Verdult
Men with beards make a certain type of music. We're not exactly sure what it is. It's a bit like nomen est omen, but with facial hair. Just listen, you hear a folky earnestness..and ZZ top, of course.
door Bas Ickenroth
19 songs that take you to dark places filled with grief, heartaches, pain and sorrow...
door Alexis Vos
The night time, baby. The day may have been long, but this night will be endless. This is your perfect companion, shining, to guide you through the dark.
door Didi Hardenberg
This Perfect takes you by the hand from 30s to the 60s, from swing to bebop, from hardbop to souljazz. Honk, lay back, enjoy and relax.
door Von Rosenthal de la Vegaz
Von Rosenthal de la Vegaz is a dj who only plays AND mixes classical music. Probably the first time you hear it. Or, because we don't wanna sound patronizing: it was the first time we had heard it. Which is just perfect.
door Rudi de Groot
Dreamwave is about nostalgia. It’s about hearing something that makes you think of the last day of school, getting off the school bus and running through bright green lawns that’ll be your playground for the rest of summer.
door St. Paul
DJ St Paul hosted a High Fidelity-like evening with excellent Dutch singer/songwriter Bertolf. This compilation is the perfect souvenir with Ron Sexsmith, The Coral, Rufus Wainwright and more.
door Didi Hardenberg
An ode - and an introduction at the same time - to West Coast Jazz, which automatically is an ode to Chet Baker. A really nice long list of really nice light footed jazz, by Didi Hardenberg.
door Marc van der Haas
Their EP 'In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country' just might be the most beautiful piece of electronica ever made. 4 Tracks, pure Perfection (duh!). But Marc van der Haas has more to offer.
door Clemens Rikken
Bill Withers is so much more than Ain't No Sunshine. The man's a genius. Oh yes. And Clemens Rikken shows us why.
door Jack Poels
Who & what inspired (and still does) Dutch songwriter Jack Poels (Rowwen Heze, Herberg de Troost) the most musically. He 'tells' you himself with this handcrafted Perfect Jack Poels Inspired Playlist.
door Atze de Vrieze
Where did the young baroque-pop-god Jacco Gardner draw his inspiration from? Atze de Vrieze tells you, with a fantastic Perfect. You hear e.g. The Zombies, Love, Terry Reid and Syd Barrett.
door David Kleijwegt
David Kleijwegt's Perfect Beach Boys a perfect Perfect. He made a great selection of songs and wrote fantastic liner notes to go with it [in Dutch].
door Niels Aalberts
An imaginary soundtrack based upon David Cassidy's life. A fantasy biopic, told in songs by Sigur Rós, Rainbow, Glenn Campbell, Andrew Gold, Neil Diamond and Elton John.
door Atze de Vrieze
An easy-but-never-cheesy XL Perfect by Atze de Vrieze. This exotica & easy tune mix-a-thon takes off the edge at the end of the working day. Like sherry. Santo & Johnny, Lee Hazlewood, Link Wray & more.
door Tim de Waard
For some it's jazzzzz, for others it's a music religion. This Perfect is a good start to find out which side you're on. If it's not the zzzzide, it could be your new church.
door Norbert Pek
Stay in. Do nothing. Well... nothing... Drink & Listen.
door René Noels
Autumn, some people really really hate it. But with Perfect Autumn III you really really gonna love it. With Rodriguez, My Morning Jacket, Ray Charles, Nina Simone, Iron & Wine and more.
door Guuz Hoogaerts (aka Guuzbourg)
The best summers are French, that's why Guuzbourg makes his traditional yearly Parfait Été. This is the 2011 edition. So much beauty, it makes us sigh. Avec Yelle, Mélanie Laurent, Padam et Deportivo.
door Janice Pierre
Waking up and getting up has never been easy with a hangover, but Perfect Hangover soothes the pain. With Keren Ann, JJ Cale, Metronomy, Iron and Wine, Phoenix, Zoot Woman, Shlohmo & more.
door Thijs ter Avest
Leonard Cohen-songs you can't live without. Some well-known, some not-so-well-known, all legendary. By Thijs ter Avest.
door Guuz Hoogaerts (aka Guuzbourg)
Yes, the daughter-of. Her best and his favourite tracks by Filles Sourires Mastermind Guuzbourg.
door St. Paul
DJ St. Paul organised an evening with Tim Knol in De Kleine Komedie. It lead to this Inspired-compilation with The Kinks, Laura Marling, Nick Lowe, Daryll-Ann, Baxter Dury, John Paul Keith and more.
door Norbert Pek
Oh, those days spent inside. What to listen? Well, these brilliant songs. Norbert Pek selected e.g. Grils, Twin Sister, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, PJ Harvey, The War On Drugs.
door Guuzbourg & Arja van den Bergh
In the Inspired-series we present the music you must love when you adore Feist. With Nina Simone, Neko Case, Gonzales, Ron Sexsmith, Mocky, Satie, Peaches & Ramones.
door René Noels
When it's time to start all over, music can guide you through everything. Simon & Garfunkel, Prince, PJ Harvey, Nathalie Imbruglia, The Band, Bill Withers and many others give a helping hand.
door Allard de Wijkerslooth
When it comes down to British music, Manchester >>> London. More proof: I Am Kloot.
door Guuzbourg
After sunshine comes rain. And the french have a great way of coping with that. Avec Austine, Dalida, Kodiak, Edith Piaf, Emilie Simon, Francoise Hardy, Pierre Guimard et plus.
door Jenneke Harings
The Scottish rulers of modern indie. Bits of Smiths, soul and lots of 60's girl groups make for great music!
door Erwin Wijman
Classical piano music. Suddenly you are ready for it. Or not. This perfect is the ultimate test...
door Leo Blokhuis
Leo Blokhuis' perfect musical obituary for Andrew Gold.
door Ruud Houweling
Jon Brion: 'You have to find rhymed verse, then match it with a melody. And then it's dismissed just as 'a pop song.' It is so sad.'
door Sylvia Wink
Beauty & Consolation: some songs make waiting and recovering bearable. Sylvia Wink selected Portishead, Agnes Obel, Satie, Amatorski, Massive Attack, Apparat, Selah Sue and more.
door Lucky Fonz III
Lucky Fonz III shows us the more serious, aching side of Spring. A small, beautiful compilation, featuring Hank Williams, Joanna Newsom, Ede Staal, The Breeders, The Kinks, André Hazes, Joan Baez.
door Kees de Koning
Songs with real stories. Kees de Koning let's you hear how love, grief, sorrow & pain sound. Tracks by Johnny Cash, Guido Belcanto, Fresku, Zangeres Zonder Naam, R. Kelly, Biz Markie, Johnny Jordaan, Extince.
door Basyl de Groot
Van The Man. Blessed with an incredible voice and the gift of writing epic songs. Nothing new so far, new is the fact that you have two playlists to choose from.
door Erwin Wijman
Van The Man vs. Erwin Wij Man.
door Guuzbourg
R.I.P. Summer, you were one of our four favorite seasons. Feat. Athlete, Carly Simon, Mayer Hawthorne, She & Him, Millie Jackson, The Isley Brothers, Paul Weller, Divine Comedy, Juliette Gréco.
door Niels Aalberts
The greatest female singer of all time. Yes, better than Aretha. Her voice is like balm for your soul. 21 Beautiful tracks. A Perfect Sunday Morning if there ever was one.
door Erwin Wijman
Perfect Mother. Don't let the title fool you. Includes PJ Harvey, Marvin Gaye, Grace Jones, Tindersticks, Bob Dylan, Nick Drake, Johnny Cash, Alela Diane, The Veils.
door Norbert Pek
Who doesn't wanna wake up on a Sunday with Norbert Pek. And She & Him, Beck, Fleet Foxes, My Morning Jacket, Emiliana Torrini, I Am Kloot, Raphael Saadiq, Joss Stone and many more.
door Erwin Wijman
The biggest hits from the 18th and 19th century, by Erwin Wijman. Includes Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Mahler, Berio, Chopin, Poulenc, Bernstein.
We asked for the perfect last track, the track you want people to hear when you lie there in your wooden coat. We got 55 beautiful songs. You get Part one & two.
We asked for the perfect last track, the track you want people to hear when you're lying in your wooden coat. We got 55 beautiful songs: e.g. Yann Tiersen, Bon Iver, Ulrich Schnauss, Tom Waits, Tindersticks, Prince, Jeff Buckley.
door Charlie Dée
Laurel Canyon's greatest female songwriter. Her best songs, compiled by Dutch singer and überfan Charlie Dée.
door Wilbert Leering, Niels Aalberts
All Perfect Christmas compilations put together in one XL playlist that'll definitely last more than 2 days.
door Antonie Fountain
The Best Sundays are Lazy Sundays. With Blur, Elbow, Wilco, Feist, Damien Rice, Ray Lamontagne, Air, James Blake, Sigur Rós and much much more. By Antonie Fountain.
door Norbert Pek
A Perfect way to lighten up your mood, in a light therapy kind of way. XL, so even the worst cases are being cured. Tracks by Rogue Wave, Jenny Lewis, Rodriguez, Tim Hardin, Jens Lekman, Girls, PJ Harvey.
door René Noels
Autumn. Falling rain, falling leaves, falling tears... And great music to go with it. Tracks by Melanie, Janis Ian, Little River Band, Iron & Wine, Ray LaMontagne, Blaudzun, William Fitzsimmons, Feist, Bill Withers, PJ Harvey.
door St. Paul
It says 'according to St. Paul', which implies somebody else could make a goosebumpy Perfect like this. But that's nonsense. Features Neil Diamond, The Crookes, Talking Heads, Lykke Li, Sugar, Oasis, Les Savy Fav, Timi Yuro.
door St. Paul
St. Paul keeps those epic music-juices flowing with another off the hook mixture of hipshakers & heartbreakers. Feat. Julio Iglesias (yes!), Billy Bragg, Felt, Alabama Shakes, Van Morrison, Baxter Dury.
door St. Paul
Originally meant as a Christmas Perfect, it turned out to be an all seasons-proof treasure chest. Incl. Go-Betweens, O.V. Wright, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Kevin Lamb, Del Shannon, Midlake, Aretha Franklin, Bibio.
door Matthijs van Ewijk
Perfect James Blake: minimalistic, dreamy and gloomy. Limit to Your Love is there, of course, but there are more gems in here.
door René Noels
Perfect Sleep: music to fall asleep with or to wake up to... Your choice. Music by D'Angelo, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Janet Jackson, Air, Feist and many more.
door René Noels
A lot of 70's maxing & relaxing with Perfect Autumn, but also Feist, Blaudzun, Bread, Nick Drake, Carole King, Iron & Wine.
door St. Paul
The second in DJ St. Paul's 'Goosebumps'-series of hidden pop, soul, rock, indie, dance, 60's and 70's gems. Pure Solid Gold! Tracks by Marvin Gaye, Chills, Ron Sexsmith, Squeeze, Jazzanova, St. Etienne, Bettye Lavette, The Coral.
perfecthesaidshesaid copy
door Niels Aalberts
Boys singing about girls, girls singing about boys. A great selection, with Dusty Springfield, The Concretes, Del Shannon, Diana Ross, Bright Eyes, Gallon Drunk, Gram Parsons and lots and lots of soul.
door Norbert Pek
A perfect Perfect for staying inside the house, music with an Instagram-filter. Includes tracks by Radical Face, Ariel Pink, Jens Lekman, Grizzly Bear, Ben Folds Five, Bill Fay, First Aid Kit.
door Anne Soldaat
Anne Soldaat is not only a musician, he's also a music dealer. With great merchandise like Nick Drake, The Zombies, Supergrass, Beach Boys, Frank Sinatra, Townes van Zandt, Scott Walker, Carpenters, Echo & the Bunnymen and Rodriguez.
door Erwin Wijman
Lost songs that magically reappear. Erwin Wijman re-found songs by Lou Reed, Fleetwood Mac, Johnny Cash, Melanie, The Lovin' Spoonful, Lou Reed, Sade, Stevie Wonder, Meat Loaf, Fairport Convention and Sailor.
door Guuz Hoogaerts (aka Guuzbourg)
'The best Xmas tracks are sung by black singers', says Guuzbourg. Tracks by James Brown, Nat King Cole, Solomon Burke, Mahalia Jackson, Lou Rawls, Otis Redding and Isaac Hayes prove it.
door Mark van Everdinck
Nothing wrong with a bit of melancholy, with tracks by Jake Bugg, Elbow, The National, The Drums, Bertolf, Blaudzun, Angus & Julia Stone, M. Ward, Case Mayfield, Bon Iver, The xx.
door Mariska Berrevoets
Homesickness is a bitch. But it makes for great music, though. Tracks by Jake Bugg, Ben Howard, Daughter, Moss, Balthazar, Tame Impala, Patrick Watson, Maccabees, The Black Keys.
door Clemens Rikken
Jerking those tears right out of your eyes. NSFW ;-) Includes tracks by Woodkid, Damien Jurado, Neil Young, Band of Horses, Ron Sexsmith, Madrugada, Elbow, Villagers, Rufus Wainwright, Roy Orbison.
door Arne van Petegem
Deep soul. As in deeeeep. Includes Otis Redding, Aaron Neville, Brenda Hollowat, Etta James, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Bill Withers, William Bell, Al Green.