Perfect Girls from Ipanema
door Didi Hardenberg
A playlist inspired by the late Astrud Gilberto, The 'one and only' Girl From Ipanema.
perfect jazz on a summer’s day
door Didi Hardenberg

Zonnetje, tuintje, negroni’tje erbij…en dan deze op. Dank Didi aka Onze Jazz Dealer. Enjoy!

perfect_summer_2022 kopie
door Norbert Pek
Summer 2022 is here kids. Good vibes only.
door Niels Aalberts

De remedie tegen het barre weer en alle andere ellende: laat de zon in je hart 🇮🇹 Door Niels Aalberts. Enjoy!

door Guuzbourg
Oui, oui, in 't Fransje. En dan met zonneschijn, aanrollende golven, stukje kaas, baguetje en een uitzicht van merdenomdedieu d'r bij. Musique? Regelt Guuzbourg, al meer dan tien jaar.
perfect summer 2021
door Norbert Pek
Perfect Summer 2021 is alive! The soundtrack for the summer of love.
door Guuzbourg & Didi Hardenberg
Bossa nova, music for 'quiet nights and quiet stars'.
door Didi Hardenberg
Music for the front porch. At sunrise, at sunset, at any time of the day. Somewhere in North or South America.
door Guuzbourg
Putting the éééé! in l'Été!
WhatsApp Image 2020-05-25 at 16.48.54
door Norbert Pek
Summer returns just like Perfect Summer by Norbert Pek.
door Wilbert Leering
The search for 2020's (indie) summer song. Regular Updates. Stay tuned.
door St Paul
A selection of uplifting soul & early disco by dj St. Paul.
door Guuzbourg
Ain't no party like a tropical terrace party.
door Didi Hardenberg
Spice up your BBQ with some salsa caliente
door Guuzbourg

Guuzbourg: Bibio’s folktronica doet verlangen naar frisse weilanden, omzoomd met eeuwenoude bomen. Naar glooiende vergezichten. ‘Ribbons’, het meest recente album van Stephen ‘Bibio’ Wilkinson is… lees meer

The best yet.
door Wilbert Leering
A search for this year's ultimate (indie) summer song.
door Guuzbourg
As we like to say: les tubes français pour l'été. Blasts from the past and hits du jour.
door Norbert Pek
Only 2019 tracks here!
door Didi Hardenberg
Steamy urban vibes and beats for a long hot 'Summa In Da City'
door Guuzbourg
The 1st day of the year all girls wear short skirts is the most important day of the year in the Netherlands. This is the official soundtrack. With Nancy Sinatra, Vanessa Paradis, Aretha Franklin.
door Guuzbourg
The steel drum connects Chldish Gambino to Fleetwood Mac to Boney M, The Knife to Jens Lekman to Van Dyke Park and to so many others... Enjoy!
door Didi Hardenberg
A shot of salsa, a pinch of bossa nova, a dash of jazz, some grinds of groove and garnish with sweet vocals.
door Guuzbourg
A perfect summer soundtrack needs a french touch...
door Norbert Pek
The best summer songs of 2018.
door Rufus Ketting
A warm welcome by Rufus Ketting to his Perfect Mexican Hideout
door Wilbert Leering
This is the way spring (and summer) should sound, feel & taste.
How far you going back? Laid back.
door Norbert Pek
New Music Only! By Norbert Pek. Of course: regular updates.
door Guuzbourg
It ain't perfect without parfait. Groovez-vous!
door Norbert Pek
Handpicked indie summer joy by Norbert Pek. 2017 tracks only!
WhatsApp Image 2017-06-02 at 20.09.25
door Wilbert Leering & Olaf van der Geld
Parfaitness from the seventies!
door Olaf vd Geld & Wilbert Leering
Classic classics and new classics. Volume 1.
door Wilbert Leering
Pass the rosé.
door Guuzbourg
Guilty as charged, we love Yacht Rock. And maybe we love the New Yacht Rock even better.
door Wilbert Leering
Sun for your soul, soul for the sun.
door Didi & Xangô
This meet up of jazz and Brasil is made of pure gold.
door Jean Luis Garcia Lechner
Jean Luis Garcia Lechner has all the secret ingredients for a perfect Italian dinner.
door Didi Hardenberg
Exactly the right tempo for those days that may last forever.
door Guuzbourg
The yearly french answer to Perfect Summer. Trottoir!
door Norbert Pek
Best tunes for/of this year's summer.
door Wilbert Leering
Made for the sun. Good for the soul.
door Wilbert Leering
Sun for your soul, soul for the sun.
That summer feel. In 58 tracks.
door Guuzbourg
May your jours be bon and your summers french!
door Norbert Pek
Summer never a bummer. Norbert Pek's traditional sunny side up soundtrack.
door Greg Harness
Folk off, it's summer (with a touch of world & roots)...
door Didi Hardenberg
Dress down. Salsa up. Perfect.
door Guuzbourg & Villebèr
Hurray, hurray, today is the day...
Something for your summer break. A guilty-as-hell-Perfect with all those songs you hate to love and love to hate. Let it go. No time for snobbery, it's time for guilty!
door Norbert Pek
Summer 2014 just got more perfect.
door Steven Wiltjer
Dancehallmusic wouldn't be the same without 'studio band' Roots Radics. They dominated the sound in the first half of the 1980s
door Guuzbourg
Croissant! It's that french summer vibe we all love so much. 2014 edition. By Guuzbourg.
door Norbert Pek
Norbert Pek pushed the summer has begun.
door Guuzbourg
Part three of the perfect triptych by Guuzbourg: the second half. An ode to football and to samba, of course.
perfect_sambaballen_de rust
door Guuzbourg
Half time. Time for some peace & quiet. But the samba party is always lurking around the corner...let's prepare for the second half.
The delightful reassurance of evergreens and everlasting mellowness. Works on crowded beaches and in backyards. Best served with some chilled Lambrusco.
door Wilbert Leering
Serve with slightly cooled red wine and you'll be just fine.
door Rens van den Boogaard
Richard Swift? Richard Swift! The man behind Damien Jurado, Foxygen and others. A great singer-songwriter and a great producer as well. This is an introduction to Swift's work...
door The Beat Broker
Class up your mix collection with The Beat Broker’s recent mix, heavy on the smooth transitions and plenty of serious cuts, mature adults only, no kiddie stuff thrown in here.
door Joost Pluijms
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day, as Shakespeare said. Make it a late summer day, Bill! Much better. Not too hot, not too cold, all your friends are back from holiday and you savor the days more. This is the perfect playlist to go with it.
door Mischa Verheijden
The 'papapa'-backings, a very very effective technique. It makes every song shine. Like the sun that suddenly comes through the cloud or when it's a sunny day and suddenly cold beers start growing on trees. Papapaperfect!
door Guuzbourg
This Perfect (and the editions of 2010, 2011 and 2012) gives you a totally different summer feeling. Guuzbourg is your host (of course) and again no holds barred: this goes way beyond the french cliché...croissant, this is good!
door rich-ears
There's a place in the world where the sun always shines, it's called Lenny Ibizarre-land. He's the king en he rules with a soft, mellow, chilled out, trippy fist. Rich-ears 19th Perfect mix!
door Norbert Pek
Vampire Weekend, Mikal Cronin, She & Him, Foxygen, Veronica Falls, Leagues, Surfer Blood, Temples and more sunbeams. This is Perfect Summer 2013 by Norbert Pek.
door Tessa Rose Jackson
Tessa Rose Jackson is a quite a successful Dutch singer-songwriter, but more importantly she knows exactly what music goes well with your next park bbq with friends.
door Guuzbourg
When it comes to french music, we only trust Guuzbourg. Especially when it's about a female french singers. This Perfect (Vanessa) Paradis is van-tastic: light, sunny, delicieux.
door Guuzbourg
To brush up your french and your summer-y feeling. By Guuzbourg. So you know it's damn good.
door Atze de Vrieze
Who & what inspired - and still inspires - 'the princess of grooves' Solange Knowles? Yep, Beyoncé's kid sister. Some remarkable names in this Perfect, like: Coldplay and Of Montreal. By Atze de Vrieze.
door David Kleijwegt
David Kleijwegt's Perfect Beach Boys a perfect Perfect. He made a great selection of songs and wrote fantastic liner notes to go with it [in Dutch].
door Steven Wiltjer
From our loved Perfect Producer-range: the best songs produced by Lee "Scratch" Perry in the 70's, from the early singles with Bob Marley to the later dub-heavy productions.
door Norbert Pek
The Summer of '10. What did it sound like? Well, according to Norbert Pek it sounded like Two Door Cinema Club, Kate Nash, Vampire Weekend, The Drums, Divine Comedy, Hot Chip and more.
door Michiel Veenstra
The sun is setting on a beautiful, sunny day. Time to kick off your shoes, open up a bottle of cold white wine and take in the magic of the orange, purple and red in the sky.
door Norbert Pek
Which sunny tunes defined the summer of 2008? Norbert Pek selected them. With Friska Viljor, Vampire Weekend, The Kills, Adele, Voicst, Fleet Foxes, White Rabbits, Get Well Soon, My Morning Jacket & more.
door Norbert Pek
The traditional Perfect Summer by Norbert Pek. The 2009-edition brought us The Virgins, Lilly Allen, Pet Shop Boys, Doves, Everything Everything, Passion Pit, Golden Silvers, Loney Dear & more!
door Atze de Vrieze
Let Atze de Vrieze take you to Japan, surprisingly fresh and up sounds from the land of the rising sun!
door Norbert Pek
The summer of 2011 was quite legendary, music-wise. Norbert Pek compiled the most energentic tracks of that year. With Metronomy, Smith Westerns, The Strokes, Kurt Vile, Friendly Fires, The Vaccines, Miles Kane, De Staat & more.
door Guuz Hoogaerts (aka Guuzbourg)
The best summers are French, that's why Guuzbourg makes his traditional yearly Parfait Été. This is the 2011 edition. So much beauty, it makes us sigh. Avec Yelle, Mélanie Laurent, Padam et Deportivo.
door Mischa Verheijden
Right after the long-awaited Beach Boys-album Smile, Mischa Verheijden made the perfect Beach Boys-compilation. That's why we call it Perfect Beach Boys.
door Roy Santiago
Almost all Blur-songs are perfect, but some Blur-songs are more Perfect than others. Roy Santiago guides you through them.
door Marc van der Haas
Rave piano's? Check. Arpeggio's? Check. Lame English lyrics? Check. Now only add sunshine and make sure you're on holiday. This is your ideal soundtrack. Tracks by Koto, Klein & MBO, Cyber People, Hipnosis, Phaeax, Docter's Cat.
door Michel van der Westen
Psychedelica doesn't always lead to a difficult or bizarre compilation. These summer psychedelics contain e.g. Nada Surf, Josh Ritter, E.L.O., Beth Gibbons and Teenage Fanclub.
door Guuz Hoogaerts (aka Guuzbourg)
Une été française sans fini, that must be heaven. This XL list gets you very close. Tracks by Brigitte, Babet, Zaz, Mustang, Sébastien Tellier, Yelle, Ycare, Austine, Eva De Roovere, Jacques Dutronc.
door Norbert Pek
Summer is always here, thanks to Norbert Pek. This XL list goes back to the 2008 edition. We will continue to update this playlist.
door Norbert Pek
The best summer music from 2012, like every year selected by Norbert Pek: Django Django, Alabama Shakes, Howler, Rufus Wainwright, Jack White, The Maccabees and much, much more.
door Guuz Hoogaerts (aka Guuzbourg)
The best French pop (not necessarily from France) is lively, sensual and a great soundtrack while travelling.'s Guuzbourg collected another 19 great tracks.