Perfect Sampled By Justice
door Sander Kerkhof
Show me your samples, I tell you who you are.
door Rufus Ketting

Dit soort dingen missen enorm op; pianomuziek. Geen gepingel tussen de schuifdeuren, maar het spul van de bovenste plank. Rufus Ketting, graag geziene gast… lees meer

door Didi Hardenberg
Hey, are you ready to be blown away by Jerry Hey?
door Didi Hardenberg
A tribute to the virtuosos of the vibraphone, the master of the mallets!
door Menno Pot
A Perfect ode to Mark Lanegan by Menno Pot.
door Didi Hardenberg
Marcus Miller has been one of the most influential bassists and most in-demand session musicians for several decades.
door Didi Hardenberg
David Sanborn - a true musical giant - turned 75. A great moment for a Perfect playlist.
door Bert Natter
A maestro is no longer with us. But he will forever be that maestro.
door DJ Sandeman
Kanye sampled 'm, we curated 'm. Well, 'we'...DJ Sandeman did
door Didi Hardenberg
‘The Bigger, The Better’. Everything between a quintet and a big band. A random anthology of recordings of jazz groups consisting of more than five members.
door David Kleijwegt
David Kleijwegt is one the biggest Dutch fans of Scott Walker... And you kinda hear that in this compilation.
door Guuzbourg
Bye Tony. It was beautiful and it will remain so for a long time.
door Guuzbourg
Nick Drake. Probably the most melancholic singer songwriter ever, covered by some of his very talented fans.
door St Paul
Achtentwintig nummers van Nina Simone. Op één dansavond. In chronologische volgorde. Grooving To Nina Simone! By St Paul.
door Gwen "G.T." Thomas
Fantastic vocal arrangements.
door Guuzbourg
Meet Marc Collin. The man, the myth.
door Guuzbourg
Rest in peace, wonderful, talented Toots.
The perfect Perfect if you like The Life of Pable just as much as Kanye does ;-)
door Tim Kraaijvanger
The Talkbox. You know that wahwahwhawha-sound making mouth thing.
The man.
door Guuzbourg
Synth Nicolas has some electronic grooves up his sleeves.
door René van der Veen
The band that should have been way bigger, in terms of record sales.
door St Paul
Best trumpets, saxophones and tubas in town. Come and get it.
door Olaf van der Geld
Meet the wonderful, magical Harry Nilsson: blissful pop, wild rock, eccentric comedy songs, extravagant, cinematic epics and intimate, philosophical ballads.
door Aux
Enter the world of Prog Rock. Acquired taste required.
door Hugo van de Poel
A perfect ode to Lo-Fi. Imperfect music - by definition - when it comes to it's production. But that's the whole thrill of this selection.
door Moss
The perfect inspiration for the new Moss record. From The Walkmen to Chvrches, from Lower Dens to Diiv.
door Jack & Paddymac
Blur's nerdy one, with the spectacles, you know, the best guitar player of his generation, the best guitarist since Johnny Marr... Perfect, catchy pop songs with a slightly sour twist and a good piece of melancholy on the side.
door Rens van den Boogaard
Richard Swift? Richard Swift! The man behind Damien Jurado, Foxygen and others. A great singer-songwriter and a great producer as well. This is an introduction to Swift's work...
door Meindert Talma
Meindert Talma's biggest influences. A Perfect that takes you from Phillip Glass to Mick Jagger and from Sonic Youth to Lauri Anderson. Quite a ride.
door Frank Meeuwsen
Jimi Hendrix, the man who changed guitar music single-handedly, with two hands (and his teeth). Pretty damn hard to make Perfect on this guy, on the left you have the disappointed people and on the right the 'I hate to say I told you so, it's impossible to make a Perfect about God'-crowd. In the middle, there's us.
door Roy Santiago
The ultimate songwriter's songwriter. Roy Santiago is a songwriter himself and these are his favourite songs by his favourite songsmith.
door Erik Verzijl
After leaving The Smiths, and effectively ending the greatest pop-band ever, Johnny went on a career focussing on him as session-guitarist/co-writer with artists ranging from Bryan Ferry to Bert Jansch. Johnny makes it ring!
door Professor Eddy
Former male model Tom Moulton invented ways to stretch songs to make them flow from one to another, so people could dance on them continuously. Sounds simple, but it changed everything.
door Rufus Ketting
After the Beatles Paul McCartney still had some great tunes up his sleeve.
door Guuzbourg
He's known as the architect of the Manchester Sound, he was co-founder of Factory Records and died way to young (he was just 42). This Perfect proves why he earns the Perfect Producer-title.
door Leon Geuyen
The band that (together with Son Volt) rose from the ashes of Uncle Tupelo and practically invented alt. country. A great selection from a great band by Leon Geuyen.
door Norbert Pek
Our favourite piano man. Great songs, great tongue-in-cheek lyrics (that still get the point across), great live shows. One of our most balanced Perfects, compiled by Norbert Pek.
door Aram Haagsma
An ode to James Brown's drummer Clyde Stubblefield (or maybe James was hís singer), he laid the foundation for a new breed of drum grooves.
door Janco Kulik
In 2004 Danger Mouse made The Grey Album which combined a cappellas from Jay-Z’s The Black Album with instrumentals from The Beatles's White Album. Great stuff, and it went uphill from there.
door Kris Keijser
'Larry Graham is to bass playing what Jimi Hendrix meant for guitar players', according to compiler Kris Keijser. He'll show you why.
door Clemens Rikken
The birth of alt. country by its pin-up boy Gram Parsons and his original band The Flying Burrito Brothers. Gram + Emmylou = strawberries & cream.
door Guuz Hoogaerts (aka Guuzbourg)
Not Stuart Sutcliffe, not George Martin, not Brian Epstein; Billy Preston was the true Fifth Beatle. And above all, a great, soulful keyboard player. Guuzbourg compiled his best work.
door Erwin Wijman
Holland's greatest chansonnier, 1933-2009†. The closest we ever came to Jacques Brel.
door Theo Miggelbrink
Long live the niche! A Perfect dedicated to the 'Bo Diddley Beat'. The best songs with a Bo Diddley Beat, to be precise.
door Nick Schuit
Every band's favourite band, every musician's favourite musicians. The backing band of His Bobness even got better after they left him. Nick Schuit selects their best tracks.
door Ruud Houweling
Jon Brion: 'You have to find rhymed verse, then match it with a melody. And then it's dismissed just as 'a pop song.' It is so sad.'
door Anne Soldaat
Former Daryll-Ann guitarist Anne Soldaat selects his favourite tunes by The Byrds.
door Charlie Dée
Laurel Canyon's greatest female songwriter. Her best songs, compiled by Dutch singer and überfan Charlie Dée.
door Erwin Wijman
For many of us the perfect singer. The person who re-invented goosebumps. Compiled by Erwin Wijman.
door Tom Beek
Tom Beek is one of the best Dutch saxophone players and the ideal person to make this ultimate Steely Dan-compilation. With great, great liner notes [in Dutch].
door Atze de Vrieze
This Perfect by Atze de Vrieze gives a slightly more interesting perspective on the band. Their best tracks, not just the hit singles.
door Niels Aalberts
The. Best. Band. Ever. It's that simple.