door Roy Santiago
Is it a band? Is it a singer? No, it's a super record label from the UK! And one of the most appreciated Perfects ever.
The 'still hot 100' van 2023, according to us.
door Guuzbourg
Songs by The Queen, when she really was the queen! RIP Mrs Tina Turner.
Folk-rock legend and master arranger of unforgettable harmonies is no more. A small anthology of David Crosby's finest songs; as a writer, lead singer and/or producer.
door Didi Hardenberg
Hey, are you ready to be blown away by Jerry Hey?
door Auke Riemersma
Dutch musical royalty.
perfect_housemartins and beyond
door Rob Heerdink
Now this is what we call quite good...
door Menno Pot
A Perfect ode to Mark Lanegan by Menno Pot.
2021. Wrapped for real.
Perfect Lee Perry
door Dave Roozendaal
RIP Lee Perry. A proper ode for a legendary, original artist.
door Guuzbourg
It's all about the bass, even in the detente between punk and the glossy 80s. The energy of punk combined with heavy reggae-basslines, jazz blurts, rudimental hip hop and the funk spirit. Carribean influences, African influences. It all came together.
door Wilbert Leering
A fantastic voyage back in the days to one of the peak years of the Golden Era of Hip Hop.
door Wilbert Leering
Sun, grooves, gin & juice.
door Wilbert Leering

Een drieluik van 3 geweldige hip hop jaren: 1988, 1993 en 1994. Eerst is 1988 aan de beurt. Natuurlijk het jaar van de definitieve doorbraak… lees meer


Heel even leek het er in het begin van jaar op dat er een vervolg zou komen op The Big Lebowski. Die komt er gelukkig… lees meer

door Guuzbourg

“Carole King’s ‘Tapestry’ is 50 years old this year, and still stands as a landmark for female singer-songwriters taking the reigns. 1971 was an exceptionally… lees meer

From time to time we all have this desire to beam back to that 80's galaxy.
door Ray Hookski
A tribute to the fallen ones, the lost ones & the one of kind ones. R.I.P.
Our top 103 of 2020. We couldn't kill any more darlings to reach 100.
door Wilbert Leering
Rest in peace, Bill.
door Pierre Faa
Marie Laforêt chose to explore a diverse territory, like a constantly moving kaleidoscope of stories, moods, rhythms and sounds.
door DJ Sandeman
Kanye sampled 'm, we curated 'm. Well, 'we'...DJ Sandeman did
door Leo Blokhuis
Elton John's hidden gems...but not so hidden anymore.
door David Kleijwegt
David Kleijwegt is one the biggest Dutch fans of Scott Walker... And you kinda hear that in this compilation.
door Leo Blokhuis
Hail to one of the queens, Clydie King ✝
The 100 bestest tracks of 2018 according to us.
door Guuzbourg
France Gall est morte. An icon passed away. Here are 25 songs out of her massive musical legacy to remember her.
Talking bout the ghetto, funky funky ghetto Trying to survive, trying to stay alive The ghetto.
The man who was Rock 'n Roll. From his music to his tax evasions.
door René Noels
Never underestimate the power of The Brothers Gibb...all Gibb songs, some perfomed by others.
door Pondertone
Elvis Costello is one of Pondertone’s musical heroes. This Perfect contains the songs that inspired Patrick Tersteeg in writing for Pondertone.
A perfect summary of 26. An ode to one the greatest ever.
door Sandeman
The third XX album contains more samples than the previous two. DJ Sandeman selected/collected Jamie XX's best ones he used for The XX and his own record.
The roots of probably everything you dance to these days.
door Wilbert Leering
An ode to the Pimp of Funk.
door Wilbert Leering
Meet the Native Tongues. Legendary Hip Hop posse from the 80s/90s.
Show me the dancefloor! Move over, I'm coming over.
door Berend Dubbe
An inspirational playlist to get you in the right mood for Bauer's new album.
door St Paul
A warming up for 'No More Heroes: LCD Soundsystem' @ TivoliVredenburg (16 sept).
door Guuzbourg
Rest in peace, wonderful, talented Toots.
door Ray Hookski
These songs contains breaks which are the foundation of early Hip Hop.
door Leo Blokhuis
15 impressive 'warm welcomes' to refugees...and appeals to our conscience.
door Ray Hookski
Songs, mostly Golden Age Hip Hop, which contain samples from Tramp by Lowell Fulson.
door Leo Blokhuis
An ode to country legend Guy Clark (1941 - 2016), by Leo Blokhuis.
door Berekvam
George Martin. Probably best known for being the fifth Beatle. But wait until you hear what more he did as a producer.
door Guuzbourg
Sigh baby, sigh.
The man.
Did Anderson .Paak made the album of the year (already)? Then this would be the Perfect of the Year ;-)
door Guuzbourg
18 perfect hats off to Bowie.
door Henno Oldenbeuving & Wilbert Leering
Part one is more The Beatles 'by Paul'. Part two, this one, has a more 'John' feel.
door Henno Oldenbeuving & Wilbert Leering
Part one is more The Beatles 'by Paul'. Part two has a more 'John' feel.
door Guuzbourg
Synth Nicolas has some electronic grooves up his sleeves.
door Wilbert Leering
Fronted by the flamboyant Marc Bolan, they hit big in Britain during the peak of '70s glam rock, influencing acts ranging from alternative to metal.
Greatness galore.
door Marijn Hermanus
A salute to the founder of New Orleans funk. R.I.P. Alain Toussaint (1938-2015)
door Roy Santiago
It's Bowie. It's XL. It's perfect.
door St Paul
The diamond standard when it comes to Perfect playlists. Part nine. By St Paul of course.
door Jerry Goossens
In loving memory of Joost Zwagerman.
door Didi Hardenberg
Every now and then a true genius stands up and redefines the instrument he Michael Brecker.
door Chris Junkin
31 fairly undiscovered beauties. Part two.
door St Paul
Best trumpets, saxophones and tubas in town. Come and get it.
door Niels Aalberts & Erwin Blowm
Come in with a bang.
door Olaf van der Geld
Dr John will cure all y'alls ills..
door Roy van Vilsteren
In the nineties The Black Crowes conquered the world with their sweaty bluesy rock. #1 fan Roy van Vilsteren selected his favourite tracks, which haven't lost their magic.
door Olaf van der Geld
Meet the wonderful, magical Harry Nilsson: blissful pop, wild rock, eccentric comedy songs, extravagant, cinematic epics and intimate, philosophical ballads.
door Johan Gijsen
No Wu-Tang without soul!
door Guuzbourg
A Perfect Prefab Sprout could have been just their entire 'Steve McQueen' album from 1985. But Guuzbourg put a little more effort into it. A compilation of perfect popsongs...
door Aux
Vorsprung durch elektronica. A perfect compilation of these german pioneers of electronic music by Aux.
door René Noels
A small ode to those great backing vocals who are sometimes even greater than the lead vocal...
door Atze de Vrieze
As far as the ear can hear: How will 2015 sound? The traditional prediction by Atze de Vrieze. Happy new names!

Niet echt een playlist, meer een afronding van het jaar. De 19 beste albums, volgens ons. Voor de heb, zeg maar. Wie horen er bij? In… lees meer

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
door Gijsbert Kamer
Everybody needs more Roxy Music (and Bryan Ferry) in his/her live!
perfect_46 van 2014
46 is the magic number! 46 pearls of 2014 according to us @
door Jaap Boots

Donderweg is een playlist die je kunt beluisteren voor, tijdens of na het lezen van de verhalenbundel Donderweg (Mijn leven in de fastlane van de popmuziek)… lees meer

door Lars Meijer
Prince is often covered. But The Purple One did some covers himself as well...the perfect ones in one list.
door Didi Hardenberg
A perfect ode to the jazz dreamteams, the quintets.
door Peter de Vries
The roots of funk are found New Orleans (and in this playlist).
door Jerry Goossens
All songs covered by The Ramons...talking about on epic collection. Hey ho, let's go!
In loving memory of Dee Dee, Tommy, Johnny and Joey.
door Erwin Blom
"Looking at my gucci it's about that time...".
door St Paul
Stevie Wonder. Classic as in CLASSIC. St Paul narrowed all that gold Stevie came up with down to 25 tracks. Not in chronological order, but in order of feeling.
An XL ode to Nick Drake and his music. A Perfect playlist that will take you to melancholy capital. Be safe.
door Erwin Blom
Heavenly Sunday Social at the Albany in the center of London was a "glorious chaos, week in week out" and "there was no genre, just good music!". And that's just what this Perfect by Erwin Blom is, of course. 90s, here we go!
door Frank Meeuwsen
Let's celebrate those pearls Kurt Cobain left us with. Frank Meeuwsen picked 17 of 'm.
door René Passet
Frankie Knuckels died on april 1st 2014, 59 years old, way too young. Nothing less than a legend and genius, his aka wasn't 'The Godfather of House' for nothing.
A small ode by 15 fans for one of the biggest voices ever...
door Guuzbourg
No hits, just nuggets. 16 hidden pearls retrouvé by Guuzbourg. Enjoy!
door St. Paul
Goosebumps way down to your soul. St Paul offers you the cream of the crop, with sugar on top. Part 7 of the stuff we grave for.
door Maurits Westerik
Elmer Johnson, Elston Gunn, Blind Boy Grunt, Jack Frost, Lucky Wilbury, Robert Milkwood Thomas, Sergei Petrov, Jack Fate, Tedham Porterhouse, His Royal Bobness, Bobby, Zimmy, Zimbo, The Voice of a Generation, The Bard aka Bob Dylan. Too big for just one name.
door Martijn Groeneveld
Hail Quincy.
door Ivo Victoria
A must-read soundtrack. By Ivo Victoria.
door Jacqueline Govaert
Jacqueline Govaert's new album Songs To Soothe does exactly what the title promises. This Perfect contains the beautiful songs that were floating around while making her new album...
door Theo Miggelbrink
George Drakoulias is the man who discovered the Beastie Boys, and who later produced for Rick Rubin’s American Recordings. Best known for his productions for The Black Crowes, Tom Petty and personal favourites Ride!
door St. Paul
Dive right into the subtropical wet 'n wildness op St Paul's Perfect Pool Party.
door Aux (aka Auke Riemersma)
If there's one producer who deserves the 'Perfect Producer sign of approval' it is Phil 'Wall of Sound' Spector. His production skills are legendary, just as his life story.
door Jaap Boots
The first word that comes to mind is 'inimitable' (ok, we used google translate for that one). Especially his early works are a grand mixture of blues, pop, funk and audio-collages, to name a few.
door Ewout van der Wouden
Golden songs, platinum voices, legendary stuff.
door Dave von Raven
This 19xx-series is a search for the best music year in the history of mankind. The question: is it 1977? Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't. This Perfect 1967 is pretty perfect as well. By Dave von Raven.
door Eddy Stolk
Legendary stuff.
door Martijn Koetsier
Double lead guitar magic! Rock times two = RAWK!
door Gijsbert Kamer
This 19xx-series is a search for the best music year in the history of mankind. The question: is it 1979? Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't. This Perfect 1979 is a diamond. By Gijsbert Kamer.
door Rick de Leeuw
This 19xx-series is a search for the best music year in the history of mankind. The question: is it 1977? Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't. This Perfect 1977 is pretty perfect. By Rick de Leeuw.
door Dave von Raven
Some people call the Dylan the American Boudewijn de Groot. It's probably the other way around, but this man is truly in a league of his own. Great lyrics, great tunes and a great Perfect.
Finally: Oasis on Spotify and Deezer! So here it is, Perfect Oasis. 23 brilliant tracks by our favourite rock-'n-roll-stars.
door Norbert Pek
1994. Best year in music ever? For some it was a pretty damn perfect year.
door Wilbert Leering
Perfect advice for every starting rapper or r&b act: "Go see the doctor!". Dr Dre definitely definitely deserves the official Perfect Producer Seal of Approval.
door Jack Poels
The two kings of their own unique genre 'country-rock 'n roll-close harmony'. Phil passed away on january 3rd. He was 75 years old. Jack Poels made this honorary Perfect, with a few awesome covers...
door Atze de Vrieze
Happy New Names! What will 2014 sound like? Atze de Vrieze takes a leap forward and predicts the (near) future. It's gonna be a great year with Kate Boy, Asgeir, Chloe Howl, Afterpartees, Jungle and 20 others.
Nummer van de dag dot nl (song of the day dot nl) is a music blog that celebrates great songs and the stories that go along with them. This Perfect is a monument for reaching the 1000 mark: a thousand songs and a thousand stories.
A sort of selfie; this is what we (the four of us @ feel are the best 37 songs of 2013.
door Didi Hardenberg
A Perfect "Hats off to the piano" by our Jazz-dealer Didi Hardenberg. As he puts it himself 'easy, jazzy, laid back, groovy', that little line just htere has a groove of its own.So you know it's gonna be cooler than a polar bear's toenails.
door Ted Langenbach
Ted Langenbach is a legendary party guru from Rotterdam. He's been conquering the dancefloors for 25 years. These are his favourite tracks.
door Frank Meeuwsen
Jimi Hendrix, the man who changed guitar music single-handedly, with two hands (and his teeth). Pretty damn hard to make Perfect on this guy, on the left you have the disappointed people and on the right the 'I hate to say I told you so, it's impossible to make a Perfect about God'-crowd. In the middle, there's us.
door Frank Beemer
A perfect artist for a Perfect. A huge carreer with big hits, but he has so many different sides, besides the hits. Frank Beemer made a Perfect about the 'other Elvis' which he calls the 'best of the rest'. Enjoy!
door Norbert Pek
This isn't pulp, this is pure brilliance. Norbert Pek selected his favourite tracks of these Britpop-heroes.
perfect joy division__
door Eddy Stolk
Classic. Classic. Classic. We must say: it takes some guts to make a Perfect about a band like this. You're bound to miss something (according to others) or to be too much in the know. This Perfect is just...well...perfect. Enjoy!
door Leo Blokhuis
In the late 70's Disco suddenly vanished. The shipping was gold, but the returns became platinum. Overnight. But was disco really dead? Or did it change shape, size or form? Leo Blokhuis made a perfect documentary and a Perfect Secret of Disco. Get down!
door Art Rooijakkers
"Before Elvis there was nothing", said John Lennon. We couldn't agree more. It makes perfect sense that this Elvis-tribute by Art Rooijakkers is our 500th Perfect.
door Guuzbourg
A perfect tribute to Lou Reed, part two. This part is a collection of perfect covers. It ads to the legend that Lou Reed was. The songs he and Velvet Undergound wrote were/are that inspiring and that good.
door Chris Bieze
Rock In Peace, Lou.
door Rufus Ketting
All Perfects are made with shitloads of effort and heart...but for some bands it's just a little harder. Sonic Youth is definitely one them...Rufus Ketting went all the way.
door Bent Van Looy
Bent Van Looy made a Perfect of the music that inspired him the most during the making of Around The Bend, his solo album he made with Jason Falker. It's an amazing collection of melancholic songs.
door Erwin Blom
The beauty is in the beginning...
door Alex Slagter
25 years of Dutch dance music in 25 tracks. Legendary stuff, nothing more and certainly nothing less.
door Jungle By Night
Fela Kuti (1938-1997) was the first combining western funk and jazz with traditional african rhythms and grooves. He called it afrobeat. Felabration is a celebration of the life and music of The Black President.
door Norbert Mol
Four classic albums full of electronica-hiphop-poetry... The time is right for a Perfect! By Norbert Mol .
door Martijn Koetsier
In 1998 a compilation of Guns N' Roses's Use Your Illusion 1 and 2 came out. The choice of tracks on that compilation were much debated issue. Martijn Koetsier wanted to end the discussion once and for all...
door Sonny Meijer
"Don't take the brown acid!" Take this Perfect Woodstock Experience by Sonny Meijer.
door according to awkward i, marien dorleijn (moss), pien feith, roy santiago, color reporters. el pino & the volunteers en norbert pek
We throw a party on the 20th of october.. An ode to legendary Elliott Smith is part of that. We - or rather some of the greatest dutch musicians - will make a live Perfect Elliott Smith and this is to get you warmed up.
door Kris Coorde
Norman Whitfield is credited as one of the creators of the Motown Sound and as an instrumental figure in the development of the late-1960s sub-genre of psychedelic soul. He definitely earns the Perfect Producer-title!
door David Kleijwegt
Tim Buckley is of course much more than just Jeff's dad. He's one the best vocalists from the sixties...he drew from folk, psychedelic rock and progressive jazz to create great, adventurous work in his brief lifetime.
door Didi Hardenberg
The difference between jazz en jazzzzzzzz. Didi Hardenberg takes you by the hand, go with him...'cause he knows.
door Atze de Vrieze
The 10 best Alex Turner ballads according to 3voor12's Atze de Vrieze. 'Alex Turner ballads', almost a genre in its' own right. Enjoy!
door Rard Spaetjens
A shot of happy. A fistful of joy. The perfect mood boosting playlist.
door Jan Kinds
Legendary beats, historic bass...Chemical Brothers are still the ultimate weekend starters and closers on a after party. Chemicals that never wear off.
door Norbert Pek
Holland's finest, Daryll-Ann is back. To celebrate their reunion (and because they are a favorite) , Norbert Pek picked his favourite 'songs that saved your life.'
door Erik Verzijl
After leaving The Smiths, and effectively ending the greatest pop-band ever, Johnny went on a career focussing on him as session-guitarist/co-writer with artists ranging from Bryan Ferry to Bert Jansch. Johnny makes it ring!
door Wilbert Mutsaers
Perfect Eighties Kult: New Wave, Neue Deutsche Welle, Electro blackism, we've got them all lined up, in 42 tracks back to the dark side of the Eighties!
door Leonard van den Pol
An ode to the late JJ Cale (5 december 5 1938 – 26 juli 2013), not with a Perfect of his own music, but with the music of the artists he inspired.
door Atze de Vrieze
Songs about lost love, lost hope, lost friends & family, about low self esteem, about being the two biggest tearjerkers Holland has ever known.
door Wessel van Hulssen
Suck it and hear!
door Aux (aka Auke Riemersma)
The guru producer, Rick Rubin. He. The. Man. Cofounder of DefJam Records, founder of many pop/rock/rap-legends. He definitely deserves an episode in the Perfect Producer-series.
door Niels Aalberts
The man that 'brought' you Kate Nash, Adele, Bloc Party, The Futureheads, Foster The People, Florence + The Machine and loads more. Paul Epworth is one of 'our' Perfect Producers.
door Guuzbourg
Dutch songs. From Belgium. The 'vlaams'-speaking part, to be exact. The funny thing is, they often speak better dutch than us. And sing better, too. Brought to you by - and now it's getting complicated: French-music (!) specialist Guuzbourg.
door Marco Witkamp
Finally on Spotify & Deezer: the band that hardly ever had a hit single but who made some of the most succesful records of the past 45 years with just doing what they felt like doing.
door Ralf Hesen
Free your mind, and your ass will follow. Probably Funk's official adagium...and boy, is that something to life by (and also way better then 'open you mind' and your ass will follow, it will become messy). Tear the roof off the sucker!
door Kees Kamper
Early punk! Instead of Sex Pistols, Heartbreakers or Stranglers, this Perfects presents Seeds, Pleasure Seekers, Outcasts and other raw & savage fuzzy sixties punk blasters!
door Jerry Goossens
What is the mod legacy? Great style, great attitude and great f*cking tunes. If you're sucker for that ska-sixties girl group-early-punk-pop-soul've came to the right place.
door Norbert Pek
The saddest thing: the brilliant James Gandolfini has died. Norbert Pek honours him with a Perfect Sopranos with the best music from the series.
door Amp.Amsterdam
The Most Legendary & Notorious Amps In Rock & Roll-history. We're talking a great Perfect here, by Amp.Amsterdam.
door Rick de Leeuw
Dutch singer Rick de Leeuw (former singer of Tröckener Kecks) made a Perfect of his favorite Dutch songs. It's heartbreaking & uplifting, from folk to hip hop.
door Rick de Leeuw
Rick de Leeuw was the singer of one of the finest Dutch bands ever, Tröckener Kecks (they split up in 2001). But he's also a writer, presenter & producer. Who & what inspired him the most, musically. This Perfect tells you.
door Martijn Groeneveld
Producer Martijn Groeneveld made this edition in the Perfect Producer-series. Which is cool, because then you know you get pearls only. A compact Perfect, just 10 tracks, but still you hear Horn's massive influence.
door XS4ALL
Our friends at XS4ALL are big fans of the interwebs, but also huge movie fans. 1 + 1 = 2, so they came up with Perfect Soundtracks. 18 chilling, haunting, beautiful, cool, awesome tracks... And Céline Dion's Titanic Song.
door Bas Krijn
The Beatles are NOT on Spotify or Deezer, but in a way they are. By their influence on so many bands. These 16 songs the greatest Beatlesque songs Bas Krijn could find . It's not better than the Fab Four, but still perfect!
door Pierre van Veldhoven
For many this was once probably the coolest bands on the planet. This Perfect gives you a taste of how good they were. The non-singles, what better way prove that? Great songs that could have been big hits.
door Gerbrand van Melle
On the edge of two decades, the promise of electronic dance music to come. For those who loved to listen to Radio Satellite Empire
door Professor Eddy
Former male model Tom Moulton invented ways to stretch songs to make them flow from one to another, so people could dance on them continuously. Sounds simple, but it changed everything.
door Sandeman & Aux
Nothing beats the real thing (Prince = King), but these covers are still pretty damn good. Brought to you by Aux & Sandeman. Covers by Sufjan Stevens, Cindy Lauper, Gary Numan, Simple Minds and more!
door Rufus Ketting
After the Beatles Paul McCartney still had some great tunes up his sleeve.
door Clemens Rikken
Bill Withers is so much more than Ain't No Sunshine. The man's a genius. Oh yes. And Clemens Rikken shows us why.
door Auxiliary tha MF
The best of THAT early 80's street style, with tracks by e.g. Afrika Bambaataa, The Rocksteady Crew, Egyptian Lover, Hashim, Freestyle, M.C. A.D.E., The Extra T's and Man Parrish.
door Jerry Goossens
A proper hail to the new king, musically.
door Atze de Vrieze
That Compton-thing was all over his first album, but 'good kid m.A.A.d. city' still was a big step ahead in hip hop. And this Perfect takes you one step back: Kendrick Lamar's biggest influences. By Atze de Vrieze.
door Leo Blokhuis
Christmas has that angels-light-heaven-crib-thing going on. Easter is all about suffering. That calls for totally different tunes. Leo Blokhuis let's you hear powerfull songs by Amos Lee, Stevie Wonder, The Doobie Brothers & more.
door St. Paul
The Search for the Holy Pop-Grail is being led by St. Paul. Part 6 in his brilliant Perfect Goosebumps series contains at least 10 songs you didn't know, and they are so incredibly great. Where have they been hiding?!
door Norbert Pek
Our favourite piano man. Great songs, great tongue-in-cheek lyrics (that still get the point across), great live shows. One of our most balanced Perfects, compiled by Norbert Pek.
door Aram Haagsma
An ode to James Brown's drummer Clyde Stubblefield (or maybe James was hís singer), he laid the foundation for a new breed of drum grooves.
door Erik Zwennes
Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr. aka Jay Reatard died in january 2010. A young (garage) punk legend. Erik Zwennes made a Perfect to honour his talent and attitude.
door Alexis Vos
R.I.P. R.E.M. But thankfully Alexis Vos made this Perfect R.E.M. Without the big obvious hits. But many gems to remember them by.
door Adriaan Pels
The first part of the legendary Vrijdagmiddag Disco-series by Adriaan Pels. The kick-off features Smith Westerns, Blur, Beastie Boys, Kelly Stoltz, Alamo Race Track, Dusty Springfield and more.
door Joost Reijnders
Many people only know the (also many) greatest hits Queen made. That's a shame. Joost Reijnders picked the best cherries out of the huge Queen-catalogue. Perfect Queen is simply full of brilliant songs.
door Arne van Petegem
The first days of New York rap were very very exciting. And walking around with a ghettoblaster on your shoulder was quite normal thanks to Grandmaster Flash, Spoonie Gee, Liquid, Liquid, Mantronix and more.
door Roy Santiago
Is it a band? Is it a singer? No, it's a super record label from the UK! And one of the most appreciated Perfects ever. Compiled with lots of love, by Roy Santiago.
door Thijs ter Avest
Schlagerfreie Deutsche Musik, est ist möglich. Superfantastische songs, selected by Thijs te Avest with Wir Sind Helden, Kraftwerk, Nina Hagen, Polarkreis 18, Herbert Grönemeyer, und mehr.
door Thijs ter Avest
Leonard Cohen-songs you can't live without. Some well-known, some not-so-well-known, all legendary. By Thijs ter Avest.
door Gijs Wilbrink
Two of the world's greatest songwriters showcase their craft with (versions of their) hits by Ben E. King, Peggy Lee, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Shirley Bassey, David Bowie and Jeff Buckley.
door Clemens Rikken
Wilson Pickett meets Frank Zappa in a bad mood: that's Perfect Swamp Dogg according to Clemens Rikken.
door Mischa Verheijden
Visiting New York is lovely, singing about New York is as well. Frank Sinatra did. Many more did. Mischa Verheijden selected e.g. Ryan Adams, Sting, The Pogues, Tom Waits, The Beach Boys and Chicago.
door Mischa Verheijden
Right after the long-awaited Beach Boys-album Smile, Mischa Verheijden made the perfect Beach Boys-compilation. That's why we call it Perfect Beach Boys.
door Roy Santiago
Pixies are small people, these are all great songs. Compiled by Dutch singer Roy Santiago.
door Kris Keijser
'Larry Graham is to bass playing what Jimi Hendrix meant for guitar players', according to compiler Kris Keijser. He'll show you why.
door Clemens Rikken
The birth of alt. country by its pin-up boy Gram Parsons and his original band The Flying Burrito Brothers. Gram + Emmylou = strawberries & cream.
door Joost Reijnders
More people on stage than Kyteman's Orchestra, bigger afro's than Billy Preston, more coke than Bowie, more LSD than Brian Wilson. Welcome the P-Funk!
door Joost Reijnders
More people on stage than Kyteman's Orchestra, bigger afro's than Billy Preston, more coke than Bowie, more LSD than Brian Wilson. Welcome the P-Funk!
door Guuz Hoogaerts (aka Guuzbourg)
Not Stuart Sutcliffe, not George Martin, not Brian Epstein; Billy Preston was the true Fifth Beatle. And above all, a great, soulful keyboard player. Guuzbourg compiled his best work.
door Erwin Wijman
Holland's greatest chansonnier, 1933-2009†. The closest we ever came to Jacques Brel.
door Age Versluis
All Mod Cons.
door René Noels
An extra long playlist of probably the most famous record label in the world. No bad tracks, feat. Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, The Jackson 5, Commodores.
door Theo Miggelbrink
Long live the niche! A Perfect dedicated to the 'Bo Diddley Beat'. The best songs with a Bo Diddley Beat, to be precise.
door Nick Schuit
Every band's favourite band, every musician's favourite musicians. The backing band of His Bobness even got better after they left him. Nick Schuit selects their best tracks.
door Pieter Mies
Curtis Mayfield. The star, the legend, the Superfly. Pieter Mies honored him with this beautiful Perfect Curtis Mayfield.
door Basyl de Groot
Van The Man. Blessed with an incredible voice and the gift of writing epic songs. Nothing new so far, new is the fact that you have two playlists to choose from.
door Saul van Stapele
Not beef as in beef, but beef as in 'argument'. MC vs. MC. Clashes of titans, feat. Nas, Jay-Z, Ice Cube, LL Cool J, Kool Moe Dee, Common, Extince, Osdorp Posse, 2Pac, Cypress Hill.
door Anne Soldaat
Former Daryll-Ann guitarist Anne Soldaat selects his favourite tunes by The Byrds.
door René Noels
The Legend. The Moonwalk. Those videos. That Billie Jean bass & beat. Thriller. Bad. Off The Wall. Off. The. Hook.
door Michiel Flamman (Solo)
It's only because of archrivals The Smiths and U2 that Ian McCulloch and his band didn't become THE band of the 80's. That's a pity. Dutch singer-songwriter Michiel Flamman explains why.
door Frank Meeuwsen
Pearl Jam's greatest tracks. Not (just) the obvious singles and biggest hits, but the greatest treasures from PJ's catalogue, hand-picked by their biggest Dutch fan, Frank Meeuwsen.
door Marc van der Haas
Rave piano's? Check. Arpeggio's? Check. Lame English lyrics? Check. Now only add sunshine and make sure you're on holiday. This is your ideal soundtrack. Tracks by Koto, Klein & MBO, Cyber People, Hipnosis, Phaeax, Docter's Cat.
door Atze de Vrieze
Black pimps in shiny suites, big cars, massive afro's in which you can hide a gun and, last but not least, great music: e.g. James Brown, Roy Ayers, Marvin Gaye, Willie Hutch, Booker T, Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield.
door Giuseppe du Crocq
Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, Ice T, Snoop, Tupac, Digital Underground, Warren G, Ice Cube. They're all here. With there friends.
door Guuzbourg
Between a-symetric hair and fluorescent leg warmers this were the guys keeping rock alive. Indeed, they were beacons of hope. Includes Los Lobos, Chris Isaak, Ry Cooder, Mink DeVille, Steve Earle, Don Dixon.
door Wilbert Leering
Hiphop before it turned into hit pop. Loads of bragging, even more boasting. Includes e.g. NWA, Schooly D, Paris, Above The Law, MC Lyte, Slick Rick and Digital Underground.
door Roy Santiago
In our top 5 favourite Perfects ever there are at least 11 Perfects. Perfect Stiff Part 1 is definitely one of them. And part 2 is just as good!
door Charlie Dée
Laurel Canyon's greatest female songwriter. Her best songs, compiled by Dutch singer and überfan Charlie Dée.
door René Noels
Originals that could be covers and covers that should have been originals, by Ryan Adams, Neil Diamond, Ane Brun, Ben Harper, Ice T, Tori Amos, Scissor Sisters, My Morning Jacket, Johnny Cash.
door Hugo Vogel
Everything you need to hear from Rod The Mod: 31 tracks, carefully selected by Hugo Vogel. Lovely.
door Atze de Vrieze
Girl Power way before it was Girl Power. Real attitude, without the talk-to-the-hand-thing. Soul sisters with a message. You hear The Supremes, Martha Reeves, Ann Peebles, Freda Payne, Irma Thomas singing.
door Jean Pierre Kin & Marthijn Klopper
Soon after MCA passed away, two of the biggest Beatie Boys-admirers made this hommage: Perfect Beastie Boys.
door Erwin Wijman
For many of us the perfect singer. The person who re-invented goosebumps. Compiled by Erwin Wijman.
The 100 best songs of the Sixties? Probably. But this excludes the Beatles, of course, who are unavailable on Spotify and Deezer. Then again, that'll make this collection probably a little more surprising.
door Tom Beek
Tom Beek is one of the best Dutch saxophone players and the ideal person to make this ultimate Steely Dan-compilation. With great, great liner notes [in Dutch].
door Rob van Vegchel
Donna Summer is gone. Long live Donna Summer. An ode to the Queen of Disco, by Rob van Vegchel.
door Gijsbert Kamer
Dexys Midnight Runners is so much more than that one big hit. Gijsbert Kamer shows exactly why they're brilliant.
door Atze de Vrieze
This Perfect by Atze de Vrieze gives a slightly more interesting perspective on the band. Their best tracks, not just the hit singles.
door Erwin Wijman
One beautiful ode to Amsterdam, divided in 18 parts.
door Aux (aka Auke Riemersma)
There was a time when Big Hair ruled the world. Especially, the music world. It gave us great pictures, and some great tunes as well (by Spinal Tap, Europe, Manowar, Guns N' Roses and Steel Panther, for instance).
door Martien ter Veen
That golden sound of children's choirs in popular music. You hear, amongst others, the Rolling Stones, dEUS, Gorillaz, Leonard Cohen and Spinvis.
door Rich-Ears
A perfect rich-ears mix with the best material of this Icelandic wunderkind.
door Niels Aalberts
The world's greatest rock singer? Maybe. The best songwriter? Perhaps. Its #1 live performer? Definitely.
door Anne Soldaat
Anne Soldaat is not only a musician, he's also a music dealer. With great merchandise like Nick Drake, The Zombies, Supergrass, Beach Boys, Frank Sinatra, Townes van Zandt, Scott Walker, Carpenters, Echo & the Bunnymen and Rodriguez.
door Erwin Wijman
Lost songs that magically reappear. Erwin Wijman re-found songs by Lou Reed, Fleetwood Mac, Johnny Cash, Melanie, The Lovin' Spoonful, Lou Reed, Sade, Stevie Wonder, Meat Loaf, Fairport Convention and Sailor.
door Aux (aka Auke Riemersma)
Really early hip hop still had the smell of disco, but with a completely new cool attitude. A history lesson. Tracks by Grandmaster Flash, Fatback Band, Kurtis Blow, Sugar Hill Gang, Whodini, Jocko.
door Niels Aalberts
If this Perfect-series was called The Ultimate-series, this would be The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac. But we have to settle for Perfection.