door Guuzbourg
Songs by The Queen, when she really was the queen! RIP Mrs Tina Turner.
door Niels Aalberts

De remedie tegen het barre weer en alle andere ellende: laat de zon in je hart 🇮🇹 Door Niels Aalberts. Enjoy!

perfect summer 2021
door Norbert Pek
Perfect Summer 2021 is alive! The soundtrack for the summer of love.
door Jerry Goossens
Oh bondage (pants), up yours!
door Michiel Veenstra, Norbert Pek
Our favorite geek rock band deserved a Perfect. And Norbert Pek & Michiel Veenstra did a really great job with this one. And if your Dutch is any good, read the liner notes!
door Rob de Vries
The spring is pink! Time for the best grand tour in cycling, the Giro d'Italia. Passion, endurance, la dolce vita and the best cyclists in the world.
That nineties, druggy, ladish, party, lager, lager, lager vibe. #chooselife
door St Paul
The soundtrack for a perfect alternative après ski party.
All/only Dutch electronica.
door Leo Blokhuis
15 impressive 'warm welcomes' to refugees...and appeals to our conscience.
door Matthijs van Burg
Nevermind the Pac Jam. Nevermind the Gap Band. Nevermind the Zap Band. Nevermind the Funk Scam. Cause we're The Red Hot Chili Peppers!
door Wilbert Leering
Twisting, rocking and rolling by the pool.
door Aux
"I don't always play Rammstein...but when I do, so do my neighbours"...finally on Spotify! Jawohl!
door Guuzbourg
Fuzzy, snaggy, shaggy, ratty, matty, oily, greasy, fleecy, shining...Perfect Garage Soul is all that.
door Norbert Mol
Dictators (from the east to the west) must be scared out of their minds! Must of us are fighting their powers with twitter and facebook from the comfort of our homes. And some of us write songs...
door St Paul
14 reasons for some good ol' euphoric dancing. By St Paul.
door Robbin Bakker
RAWK! This band gives you the best bluesrockpunkpsychedelica-blend in town.
door Erwin Blom
Heavenly Sunday Social at the Albany in the center of London was a "glorious chaos, week in week out" and "there was no genre, just good music!". And that's just what this Perfect by Erwin Blom is, of course. 90s, here we go!
door Frank Meeuwsen
Let's celebrate those pearls Kurt Cobain left us with. Frank Meeuwsen picked 17 of 'm.
door Peter Zantingh
Part two is the more upbeat sequel to the first folky version of this European diptych. Needless to say, of course: this is not just a conceptual Perfect, this is a great collection of tracks.
door Eddy Stolk
Legendary stuff.
door Anna Jansen
Apparently we’re quite good at this stuff. Folk 'n Roll has a very sensitive side and mostly uses a classic band setting - often combined with classical instruments - but it can also kick the shit out of your stereo with the punching beats and a sing-along chorus.
door Claudy Lubbers
Perfect Fresh Soulbrothers...A treasure room full of diamonds (in the rough).
door Erwin Blom
The beauty is in the beginning...
door Jungle By Night
Fela Kuti (1938-1997) was the first combining western funk and jazz with traditional african rhythms and grooves. He called it afrobeat. Felabration is a celebration of the life and music of The Black President.
door Daniël Reestman
A Perfect World contains indian music, samba, bossa nova, flamenco, fado, merengue, african music from different regions and folk from different countries... do you feel the poetry in that?
door Martijn Koetsier
In 1998 a compilation of Guns N' Roses's Use Your Illusion 1 and 2 came out. The choice of tracks on that compilation were much debated issue. Martijn Koetsier wanted to end the discussion once and for all...
door Jorgen van de Burgt
We present you the complete width of Josh Homme's genius (according to Jorgen van de Burgt). Be it as a guitarist, drummer, singer or producer, Josh never goes with the flow.
door Jeroen de Boer
Nothing beats blast know: fast beats, faster beats, blast beats!
door Wessel van Hulssen
Suck it and hear!
door Niels Aalberts
The man that 'brought' you Kate Nash, Adele, Bloc Party, The Futureheads, Foster The People, Florence + The Machine and loads more. Paul Epworth is one of 'our' Perfect Producers.
perfect-footwork copy
door Bas Gezelle
Now for something completely different... Footwork is a dance style from Chicago. The music is best described as off the hook all over the place. The dance is even more powerful.
door Anniek van der Klift
We're gonna make you sweat (and - don't worry - cool down too), with this fitness tryptich by Anniek van der Klift: Perfect Workout, Perfect Spinning and Perfect Cool Down.
door Anniek van der Klift
We're gonna make you sweat (and - don't worry - cool down too), with this fitness tryptich by Anniek van der Klift: Perfect Workout, Perfect Spinning and Perfect Cool Down.
door Anniek van der Klift
We're gonna make you sweat (and - don't worry - cool down too), with this fitness tryptich by Anniek van der Klift: Perfect Workout, Perfect Spinning and Perfect Cool Down.
door Kees Kamper
Early punk! Instead of Sex Pistols, Heartbreakers or Stranglers, this Perfects presents Seeds, Pleasure Seekers, Outcasts and other raw & savage fuzzy sixties punk blasters!
door Norbert Pek
Vampire Weekend, Mikal Cronin, She & Him, Foxygen, Veronica Falls, Leagues, Surfer Blood, Temples and more sunbeams. This is Perfect Summer 2013 by Norbert Pek.
door Jack Parow
The original donker dodgy Afrikaans rapper is coming to get us, and he’s bringing Van Coke Kartel and Bittereinder along!
door Rick de Leeuw
Rick de Leeuw was the singer of one of the finest Dutch bands ever, Tröckener Kecks (they split up in 2001). But he's also a writer, presenter & producer. Who & what inspired him the most, musically. This Perfect tells you.
door Erwin Blom
Maybe you like this Perfect because bands like !!! and LCD Soundsystem are heavily influenced by punkfunk or maybe you like it because of the raw energy it brings you.
door Pierre van Veldhoven
For many this was once probably the coolest bands on the planet. This Perfect gives you a taste of how good they were. The non-singles, what better way prove that? Great songs that could have been big hits.
door Upmaker
Feel bad - > Feel better. Feel good - > feel even better. Simple.
door Steven Dalebout
Shaved or hairy, well muscled or skinny, tanned or pale: every leg that's out there on the cycle paths needs a good dose of whipping beats and guitars.
door Rene Passet
Perfect Depeche Mode in two parts. The first part: the best songs, the second part (this part): the best remixes. Both carefully selected by Rene Passet.
door Jerry Goossens
A Perfect with must-read liner notes by Jerry Goossens [in Dutch]. This is punk not necessarily labelled as punk, no punk pour le punk.
door Tivoli
If you're looking for new and exciting when it comes to electronica, you came to the right place with Tivoli by Night, Utrecht's finest club. Feat. Cashmere Cat, Major Lazer, Bonobo, Rustie, Black Sun Empire, Erol Alkan, Duke Dumont, Xosar.
door Henk Kanning
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs definitely deserve a Perfect. Great band, great songs, great singer (!) and about to release their fourth album.
door Angelo Hulshout
1967 was a great year for pop, 1977 was a fantastic year for disco and - almost in the middle - 1973 was an awesome year for rock. Rock as in 'Rawk!'. ZZ Top, Alice Cooper, Golden Earring and more!
door RunningToMusic
Colab! We got a lot of demand for music to run to and they have the merchandise: RunningToMusic makes user generated running mixtapes. Now we're together, like skiing and shooting in a biathlon. Mixed by Sandeman.
door Wilbert Mutsaers
The man who somehow manages to connect hiphop, pop, alternative music, R&B, top producers, afro and american. Perfect-maker Wilbert Mutsaers even calls him 'The greatest man in hiphop. Ever'.
door Norbert Pek
The Summer of '10. What did it sound like? Well, according to Norbert Pek it sounded like Two Door Cinema Club, Kate Nash, Vampire Weekend, The Drums, Divine Comedy, Hot Chip and more.
door Frank Meeuwsen
Perfect Seattle gives you - among others -Temple of The Dog, Mother Love Bone, Green River and Mad Season...and sure Pearl Jam & Nirvana aren't missing either.
door Bas van Duren
You decide what happens in this story...Bas van Duren already made the perfect soundtrack for you.
door Sytse Wils, Sander Kerkhof, Joost van Bellen en Joey Ruchtie
Perfect SXSW 2013. File under Punkrockpopdanceelectronica. Great sounds selected by Sytse Wils, Sandeman, Joost van Bellen en Joey Ruchtie during this year's festival.
door Norbert Pek
Which sunny tunes defined the summer of 2008? Norbert Pek selected them. With Friska Viljor, Vampire Weekend, The Kills, Adele, Voicst, Fleet Foxes, White Rabbits, Get Well Soon, My Morning Jacket & more.
door Norbert Pek
The traditional Perfect Summer by Norbert Pek. The 2009-edition brought us The Virgins, Lilly Allen, Pet Shop Boys, Doves, Everything Everything, Passion Pit, Golden Silvers, Loney Dear & more!
door Merlijn Hoek
Where to start, where to end with a genre like techno? Consider this Perfect Techno 1. But what a number 1... tracks by, to name a few, Jeff Mills, Troy Pierce, Nathan Fake and Carl Craig.
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perfect singelloop
door Fred Wondergem
Made for the 'Singelloop' (something like the New York Marathon, minus New York, the people and 32 km and 195 meters). With Johan, Suuns, Pete & The Pirates, The Cure, Woodkid & more.
door Martijn Vet
Two minutes of awesome. 77 times. With 120 second-addicts like The Jam, The Kinks, The White Stripes, The Cure, The La's, Nirvana, dEUS, Blur and, of course, Guided By Voices.
door Ronald van Schaik
Ska, but waaaaayyyyy more laid back then his ever-happy brother 'Jumping Ska'. With Symarip, Hepcat, Judge Dread, The Skatalites, Coyabalites and more!
door Ronald van Schaik
Will lighten up any day. Will make you forget about bosses, exes, mortgages, parking tickets and deadlines (so be careful). With Hotknives, Bad Manners, Skaos, The Beat, Madness, The Loafers and more!
door Mischa Verheijden
You know your parents went nuts for this: nasty dance music with that golden edge. With Bunny Sigler, The Tempos, The Fascinations, Lee David, J.J. Barnes en Beverly Ann.
door Nuno Dos Santos
The Warp label is, as they put it themselves, continuously groundbreaking. Dj Nuno Dos Santos proves them right with this seemless mix. Harmonic 313, Flying Lotus, Aphex Twin, Born Ruffians & more.
door Erik Zwennes
Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr. aka Jay Reatard died in january 2010. A young (garage) punk legend. Erik Zwennes made a Perfect to honour his talent and attitude.
door Anniek van der Klift
Spring is in the Air! A 'happy go lucky' XL playlist, but with a smart twist. Violens, Midlake, Paul Simon, Brothertiger, Cut Copy, Bibio, New Look, High Highs, Nurses, Twin Sister & more.
door Atze de Vrieze
One of the coolest sounding bands, ever. This is their inspiration. By Atze de Vrieze. With The Stooges, Mos Def, Otis Redding, Muddy Waters, The Staple Sisters, Nathaniel Mayer & more.
door Atze de Vrieze
They call their style 'Flower punk', how did it came this far? Black Lips-influences only! With Davila 666, Love, Deerhunter, Link Wray, The Seeds, The J.B.'s, Kim Fowley & more.
door Guuz Hoogaerts (aka Guuzbourg)
New wave synth pop deluxe. Japan was great, Mick Karn was as well. That's why Guuzbourg made this energetic Perfect.
door Roh & Frank Meeuwsen
A Perfect for the legendary Sublme. Roh and Frank Meeuwsen honour the crossover band. Skapunk & muchmuch more.
door Atze de Vrieze
The biggest influences on the music of Arctic Monkeys, compiled by Atze de Vrieze. The Libertines, QOTSA, Shocking Blue, The Ink Spots, ESG, Jimi Hendrix, The Coral & more.
door Adriaan Pels
The first part of the legendary Vrijdagmiddag Disco-series by Adriaan Pels. The kick-off features Smith Westerns, Blur, Beastie Boys, Kelly Stoltz, Alamo Race Track, Dusty Springfield and more.
door Adriaan Pels
The 2nd part of the legendary Vrijdamiddag Disco-series by the one and only Adriaan Pels. Empty the fridge, listen to The Undertones, Spandau Ballet, The Breeders, Lola Kite, Tame Impala and more.
door Adriaan Pels
The Stone Roses, The Oh Sees, Gang of Four, Hospitality, Django Django, Cloud Nothings and more. Adriaan Pels wants this Friday afternoon to be a little bit rough. But always with the best melodies.
door Adriaan Pels
Adriaan Pels. Our personal Mr. Friday Afternoon. Sunny tracks only! With Dee-lite, Bee Gees, Beck, The Strange Boys, The Herb Spectacles, Kylie Minogue, Vampire Weekend, Delta Spirit and more!
door Adriaan Pels
The Kinks, Menswear, The Lemonheads, Velvet Underground, The Young Rascals, Squeeze, Paul Weller, The Kinks, etc. Adriaan Pels makes us love the Friday afternoon even more.
door Adriaan Pels
Pulp, Beck, Grandaddy, R.E.M., Blur, Arthur Brown, The Breeders, Clinic and many others will help you celebrate the Friday afternoon. Hosted by Adriaan Pels, our personal Disco Stu.
door Adriaan Pels
Adriaan Pels helps you survive those hot hot Friday afternoons. With Wavves, Camper van Beethoven, Canned Heat, Bill Withers, Elvis Costello, Scram C Baby, Frank Black and more.
door Erwin Blom
258 musical sprints by DJ Shadow, Elvis, The Smiths, Blur, Pixies, The Undertones, The Vaccines, The Specials, Seabird, Skik, The Triffids and many more. Brought to you by Erwin Blom
door Janice Pierre
It's Saturday night and it's time for the first steps on that promising dancefloor. What to play? Well, these electronic tunes. With Yelle, Digitalism, MSTRKRFT, Alex Gopher, Boys Noize and more!
door Norbert Pek
The summer of 2011 was quite legendary, music-wise. Norbert Pek compiled the most energentic tracks of that year. With Metronomy, Smith Westerns, The Strokes, Kurt Vile, Friendly Fires, The Vaccines, Miles Kane, De Staat & more.
perfect-floorfiller-300×300 copy
door Niels Aalberts, Wilbert Leering
Best. Dancefloor. Tracks. Ever. Includes e.g. New Order, EMF, Bootsy Collins, The Rapture, Fake Blood, Mylo, Gorillaz, Joey Beltram, James Brown, Gotcha!, Age of Love, Tom Trago.
door Roy Santiago
Is it a band? Is it a singer? No, it's a super record label from the UK! And one of the most appreciated Perfects ever. Compiled with lots of love, by Roy Santiago.
door Jurre Anema
Sharp Darts only on this The Streets-compilation. Jurre shows us what this geezer is capable of. And that's a lot.
door Frank van Eekeren, Stefan van Hulten
23 Stadium and soccer anthems, compiled by Frank van Eekeren and Stefan van Hulten. With great liner notes [in Dutch]. With The Wombats, Buzzcocks, The Pogues, The Undertones, The Kinks, more!
door René Noels
An extra long playlist of probably the most famous record label in the world. No bad tracks, feat. Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, The Jackson 5, Commodores.
door Guuzbourg
We could have called this one 'Perfect If You Like Vampire Weekend'. But it's much more, actually. With Talking Heads, Local Natives, Yeasayer, Fela Kuti, The Slits, Bow Wow Wow, Paul Simon.
door Edwin van Dalen
Stuart Price, the remixer par excellence. These are his best remixes, selected by Edwin van Dalen.
door Saul van Stapele
Not beef as in beef, but beef as in 'argument'. MC vs. MC. Clashes of titans, feat. Nas, Jay-Z, Ice Cube, LL Cool J, Kool Moe Dee, Common, Extince, Osdorp Posse, 2Pac, Cypress Hill.
door Norbert Pek
A summary of 15 years of Muse, by Norbert Pek. Play it loud, play it often, you'll be hooked.
door Frank Meeuwsen
Pearl Jam's greatest tracks. Not (just) the obvious singles and biggest hits, but the greatest treasures from PJ's catalogue, hand-picked by their biggest Dutch fan, Frank Meeuwsen.
door Maarten van Hooft
Powerpop. Pop with cojones, says Maarten van Hooft. And we agree. You hear e.g. Big Star, Brendan Benson, Cheap Trick, The Posies, Fountains of Wayne, Dodgy, Sloan, Ben Folds Five, Jellyfish.
door Niels Aalberts
White meets black. Guitars meet Dance. Weed meets XTC. Perfect meets Manchester. Includes Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, Charlatans, Primal Scream, Inspiral Carpets, Flowered Up, The Farm.
door Mark van Everdinck
The best of glam: e.g. T. Rex, Mud, Bowie, The Sweet, Gary Glitter, Lou Reed, Steve Harley, Adam & The Ans, Mott The Hoople and Sparks.
door Sandeman & Aux
Red-white-blue disco! The best Dutch floorfillers, selected by Aux and Sandeman. 18x rhythm, bass, synths. Gotta love it. Feat. Doris D & The Pins, Fruitcake, Teach In, Spargo, Junkie XL, Fox The Fox, Vanessa.
door Jean Pierre Kin & Marthijn Klopper
Soon after MCA passed away, two of the biggest Beatie Boys-admirers made this hommage: Perfect Beastie Boys.
The 100 best songs of the Sixties? Probably. But this excludes the Beatles, of course, who are unavailable on Spotify and Deezer. Then again, that'll make this collection probably a little more surprising.
door Rob van Vegchel
Donna Summer is gone. Long live Donna Summer. An ode to the Queen of Disco, by Rob van Vegchel.
door Gijsbert Kamer
Dexys Midnight Runners is so much more than that one big hit. Gijsbert Kamer shows exactly why they're brilliant.
door Atze de Vrieze
15 years of Top Notch. Atze de Vrieze made a perfect Perfect to honour this legendary Dutch hip hop label (and they're still going strong). Features Extince, Fakkelbrigade, The Opposites, Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, Fresku, Zwart Licht.
door Adriaan Pels
Friday afternoon at the office demands a specific kind of musical blend. Adriaan Pels knows the recipe. This is the XL list, so Friday afternoon can go on until Monday morning.
door Henk Kanning
Henk Kanning meets Jack White and his White Stripes.
door Adriaan Pels
De betere muziek voor in de kantoortuin, bij de vrijmibo of voor die lastige eindsprint. Met o.a. Jake Bugg, Belle & Sebastian, Duran Duran, E.L.O., The Smiths, Hall & Oates.
door Ronald van Schaik
What the title says. The greatest ska hits. Nothing more, nothing less. Skankin'! Feat. Toots & The Maytals, Desmond Dekker, The Skalites, Specials, Slackers, Toasters, Selecter.
door Ivo Victoria
A perfect selection of the best Belgian pop music, compiled by Belgian writer and former (frustrated?) musician Ivo Victoria. Includes Soulwax, Goose, Zita Swoon, dEUS, Novastar, Gorki, Das Pop, Evil Superstars.
door Theo Miggelbrink
A Perfect about one instrument - the Philicorda - but never a dull moment: from filthy to cool, from rock to pop, it's all here (Hospital Bombers, Dio, Bombay Show Pig, The Madd and more).
door Johan Gijsen
Fuzzbox. The well-known effect pedal, also a mini-festival within the renowned LeGuessWho?-festival. This compilation contains garage, punk, psychedelic pop, surf, rock & roll and filthy guitars, from The Kinks to Ty Segall.
door Adriaan Pels
Number 9, number 9, number 9... Adriaan @atease Pels does it again, with e.g. Spoon, Alamo Race Track, Tame Impala, Spandau Ballet, Kenny Rogers, Steve Miller Band, Ian Dury, Lloyd Cole.
door Nuno Dos Santos
You could call it Nuno Dos Santos' 3VOOR12 Mix of the Year 2012. But hey.. It's much more than that. We renamed it Perfect Party Started 2012 and after 1 hour, 16 minutes and 42 seconds, well, uh, the party has started!
door Aux (aka Auke Riemersma)
Really early hip hop still had the smell of disco, but with a completely new cool attitude. A history lesson. Tracks by Grandmaster Flash, Fatback Band, Kurtis Blow, Sugar Hill Gang, Whodini, Jocko.