door Ralph Balk
Enjoy! But watch your neck!
door Aux
"I don't always play Rammstein...but when I do, so do my neighbours"...finally on Spotify! Jawohl!
door Peter de Koning & Sizzer Amsterdam
What can we say? 'Hell awaits' you? It's 'Raining Blood'? Meet 'Angel Of Death'?
door Alex Verkade
Metal didn’t end in the 80’s. Or 90’s. Or 00’s. Interesting things are happening in metal today. More importantly, AWESOME things are happening in metal today! Alex Verkade is your guide.
door Jeroen de Boer
Nothing beats blast know: fast beats, faster beats, blast beats!
door Kees Kamper
Early punk! Instead of Sex Pistols, Heartbreakers or Stranglers, this Perfects presents Seeds, Pleasure Seekers, Outcasts and other raw & savage fuzzy sixties punk blasters!
door Peter van der Ploeg
"You must turn to the dark side of metal".
door Atze de Vrieze
Let Atze de Vrieze take you to Japan, surprisingly fresh and up sounds from the land of the rising sun!
door Peter van der Ploeg
These guys hammer it home each and every song. No mercy, whatsoever.
door Aux (aka Auke Riemersma)
The faster brother of trash metal, with its signature blast beat (a real punk thing). Get ready for some serious action.
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door Gijsbregt Brouwer
The early (small) hours were the best. Punkish, non-compromising, before the singing lessons of James. Follow this crash course in Metallica and start "acting like a maniac".
door Erik Zwennes
Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr. aka Jay Reatard died in january 2010. A young (garage) punk legend. Erik Zwennes made a Perfect to honour his talent and attitude.
door Leon van Barneveld
Rocky guitars. That's really 70s, isn't it. Well, all tracks on Free Guitar were made after 2000. How cool is that! With Grinderman, Melvins, Sleepy Sun, The Black Angels, The Drones & more.
door Eric Looge
Maynard James Keenan? Yes, Maynard James Keenan. He did Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, and much more heavy sh*t. Eric Looge gave him the Perfect Maynard James Keenan he deserved.
door Atze de Vrieze
A collection of songs about car crashes and road accidents, including The Flaming Lips, Meat Loaf, Bruce Springsteen, The Ramones, Kanye West, Jan & Dean and 27 other artists. Great liner notes [in Dutch].
door Roy Santiago
Pixies are small people, these are all great songs. Compiled by Dutch singer Roy Santiago.
door Thijs Hoebers
Swedish rock from the garage, their best songs picked by Thijs Hoebers.
door Thijs Hoebers
For some time in the early 80's Bob Mould and Grant Hart played in everyone's favourite underground US alternative rock band. On this Pürfect Thijs Hoebers collects his favourite tracks, for all of us to enjoy.
door Jurgen van den Brand
Dark. Doom. Gloom. Swans.
door Peter van der Ploeg
Metal isn't catchy? It's catchy as hell! Peter van der Ploeg did a perfect job proving that. With tracks by Slayer, Pantera, Sepultura, Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan, Korn, Morbid Angel.
door Frank Meeuwsen
"This one goes to eleven", says it all. Thank you, Frank Meeuwsen. With Rage Against The Machine, Sick Of It All, Soulfly, Pantera, Machine Head, White Zombie, Suicidal Tendencies.
door Robin Winters
Boiling Californian heat, tumble weed, an endless road, two of your best friends, and this perfect on eleven. With tracks by Kyuss, Queens of the Stoneage, Monster Magnet, Wolfmother, Them Crooked Vultures.
door Henk Kanning
Henk Kanning meets Jack White and his White Stripes.
door Theo Miggelbrink
A Perfect about one instrument - the Philicorda - but never a dull moment: from filthy to cool, from rock to pop, it's all here (Hospital Bombers, Dio, Bombay Show Pig, The Madd and more).
door Johan Gijsen
Fuzzbox. The well-known effect pedal, also a mini-festival within the renowned LeGuessWho?-festival. This compilation contains garage, punk, psychedelic pop, surf, rock & roll and filthy guitars, from The Kinks to Ty Segall.