door Rens van den Boogaard
A Perfect Low before it becomes impossible to make a selection. This band keeps producing diamonds & pearls.
Perfect soundtrack for the laid back after hours.
door Guuzbourg
Metal that doesn't make you feel like you're being kicked in the stomach.
Just give me the night.
door Jokke Samen
One of the many great things about the serie, is the fantastic music. This Perfect is based on that vibe.
door Unterwelten
A genuine musical trip. Bach, Bon Iver, Velvet Underground, DM Stith, Joseph Arthur, Bowie (and many more)...side by side in perfect harmony. From the dark end of the soul across the wobbly path of despair it takes you to beautiful places...
door Nuno Dos Santos
This will keep you up all night. A fantastic selection of awesome tracks by Nuno Dos Santos. Hot. Damn.
door Nuno Dos Santos
2013 through the ears of dj/producer/label owner/talented and all round nice guy Nuno Dos Santos. It's a deep atmospheric mix that takes you places you haven't visited this year.
door Hugo Vogel
Thank you, eighties!
perfect-eighties___new wave
Thank you, eighties!
door Roy Santiago
The ultimate songwriter's songwriter. Roy Santiago is a songwriter himself and these are his favourite songs by his favourite songsmith.
door Bob Rock
The perfect soundtrack for a trip through the grainiest parts of the United States...
door Kurt Vile
Kurt Vile released this Mixtape in anticipation of his EP titled It’s A Big World Out There (And I’m Scared) and the deluxe edition of Wakin On A Pretty's pretty damn Perfect.
door Bas Ickenroth
19 songs that take you to dark places filled with grief, heartaches, pain and sorrow...
door Wilbert Mutsaers
Perfect Eighties Kult: New Wave, Neue Deutsche Welle, Electro blackism, we've got them all lined up, in 42 tracks back to the dark side of the Eighties!
door Wessel van Hulssen
Suck it and hear!
door Guuzbourg
He's known as the architect of the Manchester Sound, he was co-founder of Factory Records and died way to young (he was just 42). This Perfect proves why he earns the Perfect Producer-title.
door René Passet
Perfect Depeche Mode in two parts. The first part: the best songs, the second part: the best remixes. Both carefully selected by Rene Passet.
door Rene Passet
Perfect Depeche Mode in two parts. The first part: the best songs, the second part (this part): the best remixes. Both carefully selected by Rene Passet.
door Henk Kanning
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs definitely deserve a Perfect. Great band, great songs, great singer (!) and about to release their fourth album.
door René Passet
Back to the Eighties, back to the time when New Wave was really new. René Passet - a true shoegazer in those days - still has the soundtrack from that era.
door Peter van der Ploeg
"You must turn to the dark side of metal".
door rich-ears
"File under #Easy & seriously #Uneasy listening…", according to rich-ears himself.
door Eric Looge
Maynard James Keenan? Yes, Maynard James Keenan. He did Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, and much more heavy sh*t. Eric Looge gave him the Perfect Maynard James Keenan he deserved.
door Hielke Mous
By releasing no single bad album this century (as a matter of fact, he didn't in the previous), Nick Cave entered the same realm as Neil Young, Van Morrison and Bob Dylan. Great great songwriting, with a little danger added.
door Jurgen van den Brand
Dark. Doom. Gloom. Swans.
door Guuz Hoogaerts (aka Guuzbourg)
Stories from the swamp, selected by the one and only Guuzbourg. With Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tony Joe White, Alex Chilton, Link Wray, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Leon Russell and more.
door Michiel Flamman (Solo)
It's only because of archrivals The Smiths and U2 that Ian McCulloch and his band didn't become THE band of the 80's. That's a pity. Dutch singer-songwriter Michiel Flamman explains why.
door Wilbert Leering
In case you're looking for something subtle, you came to the right place. Tracks by e.g. Josh Rouse, Grizzly Bear, Blind Pilot, The Clientele, Nada Surf, Spain, Polo.
door Paul Swagerman
Perfect Plaid. Not to be confused with music-to-lay-under-a-snuggy-with. This is future music.
door René Noels
Perfect Sleep: music to fall asleep with or to wake up to... Your choice. Music by D'Angelo, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Janet Jackson, Air, Feist and many more.
door Atze de Vrieze
A perfect dark, deep, moody, sticky minimal techno, dub, electronica & ambient-trip. By Atze de Vrieze.