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door @guuzbourg
Parfait Été #15. Oui, oui, the 15th (yearly) playlist to enhance your trip to sunny France, for this is all French music. With an 80s vibe; my own French holidays were back in the days of the eighties, and songs like Fishbach's or Dimanche's are taking me to the backseat of my parents car. There's an actual song from the 80s on this as well (can you guess which one?).
Even if you have no active memory of the eighties, or even if you're not going to France, this playlist will surely bring a bonnes vacances & routes mode. A la prochaine.
perfect_new_christmas 2022
door Guuzbourg
New Christmas songs, mostly originals and some covers, released in 2022. As different as possible. For your ho-ho-holiday pleasure.
door Guuzbourg
Histoire de Melody Nelson celebrates its 50th anniversary. Here's a playlist with preludes, inspirations and followers.
door Guuzbourg
The 52 bestest xmas songs of 2020
door Olaf & Wilbert

How far you’re going back? Laid back. Enjoy!

door Perfects.nl
A Perfect inspired on the fantastic sounds of Khruangbin: soul, world, psychedelica, 60's & 70's. Enjoy!
door Didi Hardenberg
Jazz but never zzzzzz.
door Anton Sleeuwenhoek
The Strokes never really recuperated from their fantastic debut album...but there's so much more to explore.
door Didi Hardenberg
A perfect ode to the jazz dreamteams, the quintets.
door Susan Stiletti
Why limit yourself to top 40/mainstream female artists? Bé can carry a tune alright but there are so many other truly talented singers out there. Here's a small list Susan Stiletti compiled.
door Jaap Boots
The first word that comes to mind is 'inimitable' (ok, we used google translate for that one). Especially his early works are a grand mixture of blues, pop, funk and audio-collages, to name a few.
door Nick Klaessens
Jules Deeler. Poet, jazz drummer, performer, story teller, living legend and...dj. This Perfect is a collection of typical Deelder-ian tracks.
door Didi Hardenberg
A Perfect "Hats off to the piano" by our Jazz-dealer Didi Hardenberg. As he puts it himself 'easy, jazzy, laid back, groovy', that little line just htere has a groove of its own.So you know it's gonna be cooler than a polar bear's toenails.
door Atze de Vrieze
KLABAM! Part two of one of our most loved Perfects. More of that catchy as hell-sexy as fuck-suave-head nod-thing called Indie R&B. We love it.
door Norbert Mol
This Perfect takes you from Kelis to Beyoncé and from No Doubt to Daft Punk, and clearly proves Pharrell is one of greatest artist & producer of his time.
door Patrick Little
All good things come to those who...sit.
door Wessel van Hulssen
Suck it and hear!
door Didi Hardenberg
This Perfect takes you by the hand from 30s to the 60s, from swing to bebop, from hardbop to souljazz. Honk, lay back, enjoy and relax.
door Rudi de Groot
Dreamwave is about nostalgia. It’s about hearing something that makes you think of the last day of school, getting off the school bus and running through bright green lawns that’ll be your playground for the rest of summer.
door Wilbert Leering
Electronica meets folk meets pop meets dance meets you. Tracks by Bibio, Todje Terje, Ian Dury, Mayer Hawthorne, Maribou State and many more.
door Peter Beijk
Tigersushi Records is a Paris-based record label. What they do, how they do it and why they do it...it's pretty hard to explain. The sounds are fricking great nontheless, that attitude-drained synthy dancy thingy. We love it.
door Auxiliary tha MF
The best of THAT early 80's street style, with tracks by e.g. Afrika Bambaataa, The Rocksteady Crew, Egyptian Lover, Hashim, Freestyle, M.C. A.D.E., The Extra T's and Man Parrish.
door Atze de Vrieze
That Compton-thing was all over his first album, but 'good kid m.A.A.d. city' still was a big step ahead in hip hop. And this Perfect takes you one step back: Kendrick Lamar's biggest influences. By Atze de Vrieze.
door Janco Kulik
In 2004 Danger Mouse made The Grey Album which combined a cappellas from Jay-Z’s The Black Album with instrumentals from The Beatles's White Album. Great stuff, and it went uphill from there.
door Gert-Jaap Hoekman
Ask Gert-Jaap where the best Dutch hiphop (Nederhop) comes from and he'll say Zwolle. And this is his proof. With Opgezwolle, Jawat, Kubus & Sticks, Blaxtar & more.
door Guuz Hoogaerts (aka Guuzbourg)
New wave synth pop deluxe. Japan was great, Mick Karn was as well. That's why Guuzbourg made this energetic Perfect.
door Arne van Petegem
The first days of New York rap were very very exciting. And walking around with a ghettoblaster on your shoulder was quite normal thanks to Grandmaster Flash, Spoonie Gee, Liquid, Liquid, Mantronix and more.
door Norbert Pek
The summer of 2011 was quite legendary, music-wise. Norbert Pek compiled the most energentic tracks of that year. With Metronomy, Smith Westerns, The Strokes, Kurt Vile, Friendly Fires, The Vaccines, Miles Kane, De Staat & more.
door Clemens Rikken
Wilson Pickett meets Frank Zappa in a bad mood: that's Perfect Swamp Dogg according to Clemens Rikken.
door Jurre Anema
Sharp Darts only on this The Streets-compilation. Jurre shows us what this geezer is capable of. And that's a lot.
door Robey Vintage
A lovely mix of 50's/60's pop, soul, electro & hiphop with a theme: tennis. Because Robey created the list. With e.g. Cream, Onyx, Hess is More and Meg Baird.
door Rich-Ears
An irresistible trip to joy and happiness, you're party leader: rich-ears. And yes, it's an hommage to Mixmaster Morris as well.
door René Noels
'Oh, that's where Dr. Dre got that beat and those sounds!' Cool original tunes only.
door Edwin van Dalen
Stuart Price, the remixer par excellence. These are his best remixes, selected by Edwin van Dalen.
door Pieter Mies
Curtis Mayfield. The star, the legend, the Superfly. Pieter Mies honored him with this beautiful Perfect Curtis Mayfield.
door Atze de Vrieze
Black pimps in shiny suites, big cars, massive afro's in which you can hide a gun and, last but not least, great music: e.g. James Brown, Roy Ayers, Marvin Gaye, Willie Hutch, Booker T, Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield.
door Roy Santiago
In our top 5 favourite Perfects ever there are at least 11 Perfects. Perfect Stiff Part 1 is definitely one of them. And part 2 is just as good!
door Guuz Hoogaerts (aka Guuzbourg)
Yes, Tom Barman is mr. dEUS. He lives dEUS. But this compilation by Guuzbourg is about Tom Barman *without* dEUS. And it's quite brilliant.
door Jean Pierre Kin & Marthijn Klopper
Soon after MCA passed away, two of the biggest Beatie Boys-admirers made this hommage: Perfect Beastie Boys.
door Tom Beek
Tom Beek is one of the best Dutch saxophone players and the ideal person to make this ultimate Steely Dan-compilation. With great, great liner notes [in Dutch].
door Matthijs van Ewijk
Perfect James Blake: minimalistic, dreamy and gloomy. Limit to Your Love is there, of course, but there are more gems in here.
door Rich-Ears
A perfect rich-ears mix with the best material of this Icelandic wunderkind.
door Ivo Victoria
A perfect selection of the best Belgian pop music, compiled by Belgian writer and former (frustrated?) musician Ivo Victoria. Includes Soulwax, Goose, Zita Swoon, dEUS, Novastar, Gorki, Das Pop, Evil Superstars.
door Atze de Vrieze
BAM! Suddenly The Weeknd was there. The first working antidote against the Guetta-fication of R&B. Adventure and experimentation was back again. And after The Weeknd a 'new wave' came... Indie R&B.