door Mick Boskamp
De soul van straks, met namen die u nog niet kent, maar waarvan u straks zegt, maar haar hoorde ik al bij Mick!
door Guuzbourg
Songs by The Queen, when she really was the queen! RIP Mrs Tina Turner.
door Didi Hardenberg
Rod Temperton, the composer of Michael Jackson’s Thriller: A white guy at the soul of black pop
With better mood guarantee!
door Didi Hardenberg
Music for the front porch. At sunrise, at sunset, at any time of the day. Somewhere in North or South America.
door Wilbert Leering
Rest in peace, Bill.
door DJ Sandeman
Kanye sampled 'm, we curated 'm. Well, 'we'...DJ Sandeman did
WhatsApp Image 2019-09-21 at 16.48.09
door Guuz Hoogaerts
If it's not sung in a high voice, it's not here.
Now this is some real soul searching.
door Didi Hardenberg
Steamy urban vibes and beats for a long hot 'Summa In Da City'
door Didi Hardenberg
Didi Hardenberg just made his/her own Perfect Soulful Summer, part 2
door Leo Blokhuis
Hail to one of the queens, Clydie King ✝
door Guuzbourg
Bye Tony. It was beautiful and it will remain so for a long time.
door St Paul
The queen is dead. Beautiful home of the soul. Let us listen.
A Perfect inspired on the fantastic sounds of Khruangbin: soul, world, psychedelica, 60's & 70's. Enjoy!
Talking bout the ghetto, funky funky ghetto Trying to survive, trying to stay alive The ghetto.
door St Paul
Achtentwintig nummers van Nina Simone. Op één dansavond. In chronologische volgorde. Grooving To Nina Simone! By St Paul.
door Wilbert Leering
Soul for the sun, sun for the soul.
door Wilbert Leering
Soul for the sun, sun for the soul. And some hip hop, jazz and mid tempo-ness to go along with that.
door Guuzbourg
Groovin', moanin', freakin', trippin'.
door Wilbert Leering
Pass the rosé.
door Jaak Mulder
Donny knows. Donny understands. Donny soothes.
door Wilbert Leering
An ode to the Pimp of Funk.
door Wilbert Leering
Sun for your soul, soul for the sun.
door Guuzbourg
Fantastic Motown songs played by white asses.
door Didi Hardenberg
Exactly the right tempo for those days that may last forever.
door Wilbert Leering
Three is the magic number
door Wilbert Leering
Made for the sun. Good for the soul.
door Wilbert Leering
Sun for your soul, soul for the sun.
The perfect Perfect if you like The Life of Pable just as much as Kanye does ;-)
door Wilbert Leering
More of that psychedelic folky soul stuff.
Did Anderson .Paak made the album of the year (already)? Then this would be the Perfect of the Year ;-)
door Eric van den Berg
"By the time you will hear the next pop, the funk shall be within you"...Bang! Album of the year 2015!?! A playlist filled with inspiration for Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly.
door Claudy Lubbers
D'Angelo is Back! You Want More? You Get More!
door Johan Gijsen
No Wu-Tang without soul!
door Norbert Pek
While hiding for winterstorms that never come, this is your soundtrack. For the 5th time Norbert Pek made Perfect Binnen Blijven. With some great recent tracks and some of that good old melancholia.
Just what the doctor ordered: some soul saving soul.
Mark Ronson's Uptown Special is almost like a compilation...a great mix of soul, funk, sixties, R&B, pop and a hint of psychedelica. That's exactly what this Perfect is.
door Dr. Glow
Resistance is futile. These drops of greatness go straight to hearts and/or hips
door St Paul
Goodbye comfort. Welcome pain.
door Het Funk Fenomeen
The everlasting sounds of electro funk. Mostly 80s, but some of them are very 21st century. Which proves our point.
door David Kleijwegt
Bobby Womack, a true soul legend. Not the Womack behind the eighties hit Teardrops, but the one that gave The Rolling Stones their first number one...and much, much more. He died on June 27, 2014. Leaving behind great tunes ánd great stories.
The delightful reassurance of evergreens and everlasting mellowness. Works on crowded beaches and in backyards. Best served with some chilled Lambrusco.
door Claudy Lubbers
Funk. Soul. Grooves. Moves...and sexy as hell.
door St Paul
Stevie Wonder. Classic as in CLASSIC. St Paul narrowed all that gold Stevie came up with down to 25 tracks. Not in chronological order, but in order of feeling.
A small ode by 15 fans for one of the biggest voices ever...
door Susan Stiletti
Why limit yourself to top 40/mainstream female artists? Bé can carry a tune alright but there are so many other truly talented singers out there. Here's a small list Susan Stiletti compiled.
door Ewout van der Wouden
Golden songs, platinum voices, legendary stuff.
door Ruby Zwart
Young souls making old soul, old souls making new soul which sounds like old soul. In short: Perfect New Vintage Soul.
door Atze de Vrieze
KLABAM! Part two of one of our most loved Perfects. More of that catchy as hell-sexy as fuck-suave-head nod-thing called Indie R&B. We love it.
door Claudy Lubbers
Perfect Fresh Soulbrothers...A treasure room full of diamonds (in the rough).
door Claudy Lubbers
Perfect Fresh Soulsisters...A treasure room full of diamonds (in the rough).
door Kris Coorde
Norman Whitfield is credited as one of the creators of the Motown Sound and as an instrumental figure in the development of the late-1960s sub-genre of psychedelic soul. He definitely earns the Perfect Producer-title!
door Joost Pluijms
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day, as Shakespeare said. Make it a late summer day, Bill! Much better. Not too hot, not too cold, all your friends are back from holiday and you savor the days more. This is the perfect playlist to go with it.
door Norbert Pek
The saddest thing: the brilliant James Gandolfini has died. Norbert Pek honours him with a Perfect Sopranos with the best music from the series.
door Chung Hwa Chao
Young souls making old soul, old souls making new soul which sounds like old soul sounding like new soul. In short: Perfect New Vintage Souls.
door Clemens Rikken
Bill Withers is so much more than Ain't No Sunshine. The man's a genius. Oh yes. And Clemens Rikken shows us why.
door Leo Blokhuis
Christmas has that angels-light-heaven-crib-thing going on. Easter is all about suffering. That calls for totally different tunes. Leo Blokhuis let's you hear powerfull songs by Amos Lee, Stevie Wonder, The Doobie Brothers & more.
door St. Paul
The Search for the Holy Pop-Grail is being led by St. Paul. Part 6 in his brilliant Perfect Goosebumps series contains at least 10 songs you didn't know, and they are so incredibly great. Where have they been hiding?!
door Mischa Verheijden
You know your parents went nuts for this: nasty dance music with that golden edge. With Bunny Sigler, The Tempos, The Fascinations, Lee David, J.J. Barnes en Beverly Ann.
door René Noels
Driving made better. By René Noels. With Bill Withers, Michael Jackson, Vanessa Paradis, Smokey Robinson, Sly & The Family Stone, Sleepy Brown, Spymob & more.
door Atze de Vrieze
Who & what made The Roots the band they are today? Atze de Vrieze compiled this perfect playlist, with some very surprising names on it. Sting, Slum Village, Bill Withers, Fela Kuti & more.
door René Noels
Autumn, some people really really hate it. But with Perfect Autumn III you really really gonna love it. With Rodriguez, My Morning Jacket, Ray Charles, Nina Simone, Iron & Wine and more.
door Gijs Wilbrink
Two of the world's greatest songwriters showcase their craft with (versions of their) hits by Ben E. King, Peggy Lee, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Shirley Bassey, David Bowie and Jeff Buckley.
door Clemens Rikken
Wilson Pickett meets Frank Zappa in a bad mood: that's Perfect Swamp Dogg according to Clemens Rikken.
door Robey Vintage
A lovely mix of 50's/60's pop, soul, electro & hiphop with a theme: tennis. Because Robey created the list. With e.g. Cream, Onyx, Hess is More and Meg Baird.
door René Noels
When it's time to start all over, music can guide you through everything. Simon & Garfunkel, Prince, PJ Harvey, Nathalie Imbruglia, The Band, Bill Withers and many others give a helping hand.
door Kris Keijser
'Larry Graham is to bass playing what Jimi Hendrix meant for guitar players', according to compiler Kris Keijser. He'll show you why.
door Guuz Hoogaerts (aka Guuzbourg)
Not Stuart Sutcliffe, not George Martin, not Brian Epstein; Billy Preston was the true Fifth Beatle. And above all, a great, soulful keyboard player. Guuzbourg compiled his best work.
door Mark van Everdinck
Wiki knows best: 'Significant elements of the mod subculture include fashion (often tailor-made suits); music, including African American soul, Jamaican ska, British beat music, and R&B; and motor scooters.'
door René Noels
An extra long playlist of probably the most famous record label in the world. No bad tracks, feat. Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, The Jackson 5, Commodores.
door Pieter Mies
Curtis Mayfield. The star, the legend, the Superfly. Pieter Mies honored him with this beautiful Perfect Curtis Mayfield.
door Basyl de Groot
Van The Man. Blessed with an incredible voice and the gift of writing epic songs. Nothing new so far, new is the fact that you have two playlists to choose from.
door Erwin Wijman
Van The Man vs. Erwin Wij Man.
door Niels Aalberts
The greatest female singer of all time. Yes, better than Aretha. Her voice is like balm for your soul. 21 Beautiful tracks. A Perfect Sunday Morning if there ever was one.
door Giuseppe du Crocq
13 classic songs which turned the hip hop tracks they were sampled on into instant classics. And probably turned the dj's/producers into heroes. Feat. Hall & Oates, Tom Tom Club, Aretha Franklin, Lynn Collins.
door Atze de Vrieze
Black pimps in shiny suites, big cars, massive afro's in which you can hide a gun and, last but not least, great music: e.g. James Brown, Roy Ayers, Marvin Gaye, Willie Hutch, Booker T, Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield.
door Guuzbourg
White boys with chocolate hearts, as Guuzbourg puts it. Includes e.g. Van Morrison, The Jam, Rare Earth, Joe South, Michael McDonald, Boz Scaggs, Dan Penn, Hall & Oates.
door René Noels
Originals that could be covers and covers that should have been originals, by Ryan Adams, Neil Diamond, Ane Brun, Ben Harper, Ice T, Tori Amos, Scissor Sisters, My Morning Jacket, Johnny Cash.
door Atze de Vrieze
Girl Power way before it was Girl Power. Real attitude, without the talk-to-the-hand-thing. Soul sisters with a message. You hear The Supremes, Martha Reeves, Ann Peebles, Freda Payne, Irma Thomas singing.
door St. Paul
Goosebumps to the max. The gift that keeps on giving. The all you can eat buffet of great music, served bij dj St. Paul.
door St. Paul
It says 'according to St. Paul', which implies somebody else could make a goosebumpy Perfect like this. But that's nonsense. Features Neil Diamond, The Crookes, Talking Heads, Lykke Li, Sugar, Oasis, Les Savy Fav, Timi Yuro.
door St. Paul
St. Paul keeps those epic music-juices flowing with another off the hook mixture of hipshakers & heartbreakers. Feat. Julio Iglesias (yes!), Billy Bragg, Felt, Alabama Shakes, Van Morrison, Baxter Dury.
door St. Paul
Originally meant as a Christmas Perfect, it turned out to be an all seasons-proof treasure chest. Incl. Go-Betweens, O.V. Wright, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Kevin Lamb, Del Shannon, Midlake, Aretha Franklin, Bibio.
door René Noels
The loooooong soundtrack to what Alexander O'Neal says: As the night moves in/Love takes on a new meaning/If you were here/You would know what I mean to say. Feat. D'Angelo, Maxwell. Jill Scott, Erykah Badu.
door Wilbert Leering, Niels Aalberts
Having a drink with friends in the afternoon? At the office? Getting ready for the night? This is where your party starts. Incl. Stevie Wonder, Dusty Springfield, Shirley Bassey, Crystals, Nick Drake, Billy Paul.
door St. Paul
The second in DJ St. Paul's 'Goosebumps'-series of hidden pop, soul, rock, indie, dance, 60's and 70's gems. Pure Solid Gold! Tracks by Marvin Gaye, Chills, Ron Sexsmith, Squeeze, Jazzanova, St. Etienne, Bettye Lavette, The Coral.
perfecthesaidshesaid copy
door Niels Aalberts
Boys singing about girls, girls singing about boys. A great selection, with Dusty Springfield, The Concretes, Del Shannon, Diana Ross, Bright Eyes, Gallon Drunk, Gram Parsons and lots and lots of soul.
door St. Paul
One of the best Perfects ever. Soul, pop, electronic & folk. We. Love. It. Includes Raphael Saadiq, Aretha Franklin, The Feelies, Suicide, Fontella Bass, Friska Viljor, Antony, World Party.
door Atze de Vrieze
BAM! Suddenly The Weeknd was there. The first working antidote against the Guetta-fication of R&B. Adventure and experimentation was back again. And after The Weeknd a 'new wave' came... Indie R&B.
2012 was a great year! Musically speaking, we mean. This Perfect gives you 20 songs of the 20 best albums (according to 64 people) of 2012.
door Guuz Hoogaerts (aka Guuzbourg)
'The best Xmas tracks are sung by black singers', says Guuzbourg. Tracks by James Brown, Nat King Cole, Solomon Burke, Mahalia Jackson, Lou Rawls, Otis Redding and Isaac Hayes prove it.
door Arne van Petegem
Deep soul. As in deeeeep. Includes Otis Redding, Aaron Neville, Brenda Hollowat, Etta James, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Bill Withers, William Bell, Al Green.