door Guuzbourg
Hardy = 80. Let's celebrate the Grande Dame with a different playlist, Françoise you can dance to.
door Guuzbourg

Guuzbourg: Bibio’s folktronica doet verlangen naar frisse weilanden, omzoomd met eeuwenoude bomen. Naar glooiende vergezichten. ‘Ribbons’, het meest recente album van Stephen ‘Bibio’ Wilkinson is… lees meer

door Guuzbourg
The 1st day of the year all girls wear short skirts is the most important day of the year in the Netherlands. This is the official soundtrack. With Nancy Sinatra, Vanessa Paradis, Aretha Franklin.
door David Kleijwegt
David Kleijwegt is one the biggest Dutch fans of Scott Walker... And you kinda hear that in this compilation.
door René van der Veen
'In welk hoekje moeten we deze muziek plaatsen? Surf? Lofi? Psychedelic? Waar het één eindigt en het andere begint laat ik graag aan de mensen die er verstand van hebben. Ik ben er in ieder geval dol op.'
door Rufus Ketting
Everlasting Paul Simon...
door Berekvam
George Martin. Probably best known for being the fifth Beatle. But wait until you hear what more he did as a producer.
4555-1 Picknick
door Aux
It ain't much, if you don't speak dutch.
door Wilbert Leering
Twisting, rocking and rolling by the pool.
door Wilbert Leering
Mostly songs from the Sixties. But not all of them. But they all have that certain vibe.
door Guuzbourg
No hits, just nuggets. 16 hidden pearls retrouvé by Guuzbourg. Enjoy!
door Jacqueline Govaert
Jacqueline Govaert's new album Songs To Soothe does exactly what the title promises. This Perfect contains the beautiful songs that were floating around while making her new album...
door Real Estate
The inspiration to Real Estate 2014 record 'Atlas'. Nuggets and classics, all the way from Little Wings to The Grateful Dead, via Bob Dylan.
door Ewout van der Wouden
Golden songs, platinum voices, legendary stuff.
door Dave von Raven
This 19xx-series is a search for the best music year in the history of mankind. The question: is it 1977? Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't. This Perfect 1967 is pretty perfect as well. By Dave von Raven.
door Eddy Stolk
Legendary stuff.
door Dave von Raven
Some people call the Dylan the American Boudewijn de Groot. It's probably the other way around, but this man is truly in a league of his own. Great lyrics, great tunes and a great Perfect.
door Meindert Talma
Meindert Talma's biggest influences. A Perfect that takes you from Phillip Glass to Mick Jagger and from Sonic Youth to Lauri Anderson. Quite a ride.
door Jack Poels
The two kings of their own unique genre 'country-rock 'n roll-close harmony'. Phil passed away on january 3rd. He was 75 years old. Jack Poels made this honorary Perfect, with a few awesome covers...
door Art Rooijakkers
"Before Elvis there was nothing", said John Lennon. We couldn't agree more. It makes perfect sense that this Elvis-tribute by Art Rooijakkers is our 500th Perfect.
door Sonny Meijer
"Don't take the brown acid!" Take this Perfect Woodstock Experience by Sonny Meijer.
door Jerry Goossens
What is the mod legacy? Great style, great attitude and great f*cking tunes. If you're sucker for that ska-sixties girl group-early-punk-pop-soul mixture...you've came to the right place.
door Atze de Vrieze
Where did the young baroque-pop-god Jacco Gardner draw his inspiration from? Atze de Vrieze tells you, with a fantastic Perfect. You hear e.g. The Zombies, Love, Terry Reid and Syd Barrett.
door David Kleijwegt
David Kleijwegt's Perfect Beach Boys a perfect Perfect. He made a great selection of songs and wrote fantastic liner notes to go with it [in Dutch].
door St. Paul
The Search for the Holy Pop-Grail is being led by St. Paul. Part 6 in his brilliant Perfect Goosebumps series contains at least 10 songs you didn't know, and they are so incredibly great. Where have they been hiding?!
door Adriaan Pels
Adriaan Pels. Our personal Mr. Friday Afternoon. Sunny tracks only! With Dee-lite, Bee Gees, Beck, The Strange Boys, The Herb Spectacles, Kylie Minogue, Vampire Weekend, Delta Spirit and more!
door Adriaan Pels
The Kinks, Menswear, The Lemonheads, Velvet Underground, The Young Rascals, Squeeze, Paul Weller, The Kinks, etc. Adriaan Pels makes us love the Friday afternoon even more.
door Gijs Wilbrink
Two of the world's greatest songwriters showcase their craft with (versions of their) hits by Ben E. King, Peggy Lee, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Shirley Bassey, David Bowie and Jeff Buckley.
door Mischa Verheijden
Right after the long-awaited Beach Boys-album Smile, Mischa Verheijden made the perfect Beach Boys-compilation. That's why we call it Perfect Beach Boys.
door Clemens Rikken
The birth of alt. country by its pin-up boy Gram Parsons and his original band The Flying Burrito Brothers. Gram + Emmylou = strawberries & cream.
door Erwin Wijman
Holland's greatest chansonnier, 1933-2009†. The closest we ever came to Jacques Brel.
door Age Versluis
All Mod Cons.
door Nick Schuit
Every band's favourite band, every musician's favourite musicians. The backing band of His Bobness even got better after they left him. Nick Schuit selects their best tracks.
door Guuzbourg
We could have called this one 'Perfect If You Like Vampire Weekend'. But it's much more, actually. With Talking Heads, Local Natives, Yeasayer, Fela Kuti, The Slits, Bow Wow Wow, Paul Simon.
door Erwin Wijman
Van The Man vs. Erwin Wij Man.
door Anne Soldaat
Former Daryll-Ann guitarist Anne Soldaat selects his favourite tunes by The Byrds.
door Charlie Dée
Laurel Canyon's greatest female songwriter. Her best songs, compiled by Dutch singer and überfan Charlie Dée.
door Hugo Vogel
Everything you need to hear from Rod The Mod: 31 tracks, carefully selected by Hugo Vogel. Lovely.
door Atze de Vrieze
Girl Power way before it was Girl Power. Real attitude, without the talk-to-the-hand-thing. Soul sisters with a message. You hear The Supremes, Martha Reeves, Ann Peebles, Freda Payne, Irma Thomas singing.
door Perfects.nl
The 100 best songs of the Sixties? Probably. But this excludes the Beatles, of course, who are unavailable on Spotify and Deezer. Then again, that'll make this collection probably a little more surprising.
door Adriaan Pels
Friday afternoon at the office demands a specific kind of musical blend. Adriaan Pels knows the recipe. This is the XL list, so Friday afternoon can go on until Monday morning.
door Niels Aalberts, Norbert Pek, Wilbert Leering
We also have some favourite favourite songs. In this list you'll find 'm. Weekly improved, all year quality.
door St. Paul
Goosebumps to the max. The gift that keeps on giving. The all you can eat buffet of great music, served bij dj St. Paul.
door St. Paul
St. Paul keeps those epic music-juices flowing with another off the hook mixture of hipshakers & heartbreakers. Feat. Julio Iglesias (yes!), Billy Bragg, Felt, Alabama Shakes, Van Morrison, Baxter Dury.
door St. Paul
Originally meant as a Christmas Perfect, it turned out to be an all seasons-proof treasure chest. Incl. Go-Betweens, O.V. Wright, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Kevin Lamb, Del Shannon, Midlake, Aretha Franklin, Bibio.
door Wilbert Leering, Niels Aalberts
Having a drink with friends in the afternoon? At the office? Getting ready for the night? This is where your party starts. Incl. Stevie Wonder, Dusty Springfield, Shirley Bassey, Crystals, Nick Drake, Billy Paul.
door St. Paul
The second in DJ St. Paul's 'Goosebumps'-series of hidden pop, soul, rock, indie, dance, 60's and 70's gems. Pure Solid Gold! Tracks by Marvin Gaye, Chills, Ron Sexsmith, Squeeze, Jazzanova, St. Etienne, Bettye Lavette, The Coral.
perfecthesaidshesaid copy
door Niels Aalberts
Boys singing about girls, girls singing about boys. A great selection, with Dusty Springfield, The Concretes, Del Shannon, Diana Ross, Bright Eyes, Gallon Drunk, Gram Parsons and lots and lots of soul.
door Theo Miggelbrink
A Perfect about one instrument - the Philicorda - but never a dull moment: from filthy to cool, from rock to pop, it's all here (Hospital Bombers, Dio, Bombay Show Pig, The Madd and more).
door Anne Soldaat
Anne Soldaat is not only a musician, he's also a music dealer. With great merchandise like Nick Drake, The Zombies, Supergrass, Beach Boys, Frank Sinatra, Townes van Zandt, Scott Walker, Carpenters, Echo & the Bunnymen and Rodriguez.
door Erwin Wijman
Lost songs that magically reappear. Erwin Wijman re-found songs by Lou Reed, Fleetwood Mac, Johnny Cash, Melanie, The Lovin' Spoonful, Lou Reed, Sade, Stevie Wonder, Meat Loaf, Fairport Convention and Sailor.
door Arne van Petegem
Deep soul. As in deeeeep. Includes Otis Redding, Aaron Neville, Brenda Hollowat, Etta James, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Bill Withers, William Bell, Al Green.