Perfect Lee Perry
door Dave Roozendaal
RIP Lee Perry. A proper ode for a legendary, original artist.
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door Wilbert Leering & Olaf van der Geld
door Olaf vd Geld & Wilbert Leering
Classic classics and new classics. Volume 1.
door Didi Hardenberg
Meat. Friends. Fire. Sauces. Bread. And this.
door Steven Wiltjer
Dancehallmusic wouldn't be the same without 'studio band' Roots Radics. They dominated the sound in the first half of the 1980s
door Martin de Zeeuw
Wake the town and tell the people! A perfect playlist list of late sixties and early seventies reggea classics.
door Steven Wiltjer
From our loved Perfect Producer-range: the best songs produced by Lee "Scratch" Perry in the 70's, from the early singles with Bob Marley to the later dub-heavy productions.