door Jerry Goossens
Oh bondage (pants), up yours!
door Erwin Blom
An ode to Mark E. Smith (1957 - 2018). By Erwin Blom
In loving memory of Dee Dee, Tommy, Johnny and Joey.
door Robbin Bakker
RAWK! This band gives you the best bluesrockpunkpsychedelica-blend in town.
door Kees Kamper
Early punk! Instead of Sex Pistols, Heartbreakers or Stranglers, this Perfects presents Seeds, Pleasure Seekers, Outcasts and other raw & savage fuzzy sixties punk blasters!
door Rick de Leeuw
Rick de Leeuw was the singer of one of the finest Dutch bands ever, Tröckener Kecks (they split up in 2001). But he's also a writer, presenter & producer. Who & what inspired him the most, musically. This Perfect tells you.
door Jerry Goossens
A Perfect with must-read liner notes by Jerry Goossens [in Dutch]. This is punk not necessarily labelled as punk, no punk pour le punk.
door Sytse Wils, Sander Kerkhof, Joost van Bellen en Joey Ruchtie
Perfect SXSW 2013. File under Punkrockpopdanceelectronica. Great sounds selected by Sytse Wils, Sandeman, Joost van Bellen en Joey Ruchtie during this year's festival.
door Erik Zwennes
Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr. aka Jay Reatard died in january 2010. A young (garage) punk legend. Erik Zwennes made a Perfect to honour his talent and attitude.
door Roh & Frank Meeuwsen
A Perfect for the legendary Sublme. Roh and Frank Meeuwsen honour the crossover band. Skapunk & muchmuch more.
door Roy Santiago
Pixies are small people, these are all great songs. Compiled by Dutch singer Roy Santiago.
door Thijs Hoebers
Swedish rock from the garage, their best songs picked by Thijs Hoebers.
door Thijs Hoebers
For some time in the early 80's Bob Mould and Grant Hart played in everyone's favourite underground US alternative rock band. On this Pürfect Thijs Hoebers collects his favourite tracks, for all of us to enjoy.
door Theo Miggelbrink
A Perfect about one instrument - the Philicorda - but never a dull moment: from filthy to cool, from rock to pop, it's all here (Hospital Bombers, Dio, Bombay Show Pig, The Madd and more).
door Johan Gijsen
Fuzzbox. The well-known effect pedal, also a mini-festival within the renowned LeGuessWho?-festival. This compilation contains garage, punk, psychedelic pop, surf, rock & roll and filthy guitars, from The Kinks to Ty Segall.
Perfect Vooruitblik 2013
door Atze de Vrieze
On the 2nd of january 2013 Atze de Vrieze made this prediction, the bands to follow in 2013. Includes FIDLAR, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Palma Violets, A$AP Rocky, Atoms for Peace, Foxygen, Haim, Peace.