door Guuzbourg
Meet Marc Collin. The man, the myth.
door Berekvam
George Martin. Probably best known for being the fifth Beatle. But wait until you hear what more he did as a producer.
door Tom Smeets
Max 'Hitmaker' Martin.
door Martijn Groeneveld
Hail Quincy.
door Theo Miggelbrink
George Drakoulias is the man who discovered the Beastie Boys, and who later produced for Rick Rubin’s American Recordings. Best known for his productions for The Black Crowes, Tom Petty and personal favourites Ride!
door Aux (aka Auke Riemersma)
If there's one producer who deserves the 'Perfect Producer sign of approval' it is Phil 'Wall of Sound' Spector. His production skills are legendary, just as his life story.
door Kris Coorde
Norman Whitfield is credited as one of the creators of the Motown Sound and as an instrumental figure in the development of the late-1960s sub-genre of psychedelic soul. He definitely earns the Perfect Producer-title!
door Aux (aka Auke Riemersma)
The guru producer, Rick Rubin. He. The. Man. Cofounder of DefJam Records, founder of many pop/rock/rap-legends. He definitely deserves an episode in the Perfect Producer-series.
door Niels Aalberts
The man that 'brought' you Kate Nash, Adele, Bloc Party, The Futureheads, Foster The People, Florence + The Machine and loads more. Paul Epworth is one of 'our' Perfect Producers.
door Martijn Groeneveld
Producer Martijn Groeneveld made this edition in the Perfect Producer-series. Which is cool, because then you know you get pearls only. A compact Perfect, just 10 tracks, but still you hear Horn's massive influence.
door Guuzbourg
He's known as the architect of the Manchester Sound, he was co-founder of Factory Records and died way to young (he was just 42). This Perfect proves why he earns the Perfect Producer-title.
door Atze de Vrieze
One of our favorite producers of all time. Made us go on the dancefloor in the eighties and still does. Atze de Vrieze made a Perfect that proves how all-over-your-favorite-floorfillers Nile really is.
door Aux (aka Auke Riemersma)
Superstar Producer Giorgio Moroder (born: Hansjörg Moroder) made everybody dance in the seventies & eighties. And still does - at 72! - together with Daft Punk on their Random Access Memories.
door Steven Wiltjer
From our loved Perfect Producer-range: the best songs produced by Lee "Scratch" Perry in the 70's, from the early singles with Bob Marley to the later dub-heavy productions.