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door @guuzbourg
Post-punk, made in the lowlands. Bass-heavy, percussion-filled, screeching guitars plus added eighties-gloom.
door Aux
The German love child of Punk and New Wave, born in the seventies.
door Jerry Goossens
Catchy as hell, dance-able as a mother, but never too easy, never 'guilty'.
door St Paul
Talking Heads, Qu'est-ce que c'est? Perfect!
door Hessel van den Pol
Thank you, eighties!
door Frank Beemer
A perfect artist for a Perfect. A huge carreer with big hits, but he has so many different sides, besides the hits. Frank Beemer made a Perfect about the 'other Elvis' which he calls the 'best of the rest'. Enjoy!
door Hugo Vogel
Thank you, eighties!
perfect-eighties___new wave
door Perfects.nl
Thank you, eighties!
door Wilbert Mutsaers
Perfect Eighties Kult: New Wave, Neue Deutsche Welle, Electro blackism, we've got them all lined up, in 42 tracks back to the dark side of the Eighties!
door René Passet
Perfect Depeche Mode in two parts. The first part: the best songs, the second part: the best remixes. Both carefully selected by Rene Passet.
door René Passet
Back to the Eighties, back to the time when New Wave was really new. René Passet - a true shoegazer in those days - still has the soundtrack from that era.
door Guuz Hoogaerts (aka Guuzbourg)
New wave synth pop deluxe. Japan was great, Mick Karn was as well. That's why Guuzbourg made this energetic Perfect.
door Michiel Flamman (Solo)
It's only because of archrivals The Smiths and U2 that Ian McCulloch and his band didn't become THE band of the 80's. That's a pity. Dutch singer-songwriter Michiel Flamman explains why.
door Gijsbert Kamer
Dexys Midnight Runners is so much more than that one big hit. Gijsbert Kamer shows exactly why they're brilliant.