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door @guuzbourg
Parfait Été #15. Oui, oui, the 15th (yearly) playlist to enhance your trip to sunny France, for this is all French music. With an 80s vibe; my own French holidays were back in the days of the eighties, and songs like Fishbach's or Dimanche's are taking me to the backseat of my parents car. There's an actual song from the 80s on this as well (can you guess which one?).
Even if you have no active memory of the eighties, or even if you're not going to France, this playlist will surely bring a bonnes vacances & routes mode. A la prochaine.
door Guuzbourg
Super sulty summer songs. From France. To accompany you on the Route du Soleil.
door Guuzbourg
All new, all good, all Christmas.
door Didi Hardenberg
A shot of salsa, a pinch of bossa nova, a dash of jazz, some grinds of groove and garnish with sweet vocals.
door Rory Gilchrist
Plata o plomo...o musica?
door Guuzbourg
Part three of the perfect triptych by Guuzbourg: the second half. An ode to football and to samba, of course.
perfect_sambaballen_de rust
door Guuzbourg
Half time. Time for some peace & quiet. But the samba party is always lurking around the corner...let's prepare for the second half.
perfect_sambaballen_deel 1
door Guuzbourg
Part one of a perfect triptych by Guuzbourg: the first half, the half time break and the second half. An ode to football and to samba, of course.
door Joost Pluijms
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day, as Shakespeare said. Make it a late summer day, Bill! Much better. Not too hot, not too cold, all your friends are back from holiday and you savor the days more. This is the perfect playlist to go with it.
door Dennis Vlaar
"You gotta have more cowbell!"
door Atze de Vrieze
An easy-but-never-cheesy XL Perfect by Atze de Vrieze. This exotica & easy tune mix-a-thon takes off the edge at the end of the working day. Like sherry. Santo & Johnny, Lee Hazlewood, Link Wray & more.