door Guuzbourg
Histoire de Melody Nelson celebrates its 50th anniversary. Here's a playlist with preludes, inspirations and followers.
door Atze de Vrieze
KLABAM! Part two of one of our most loved Perfects. More of that catchy as hell-sexy as fuck-suave-head nod-thing called Indie R&B. We love it.
door Jungle By Night
Fela Kuti (1938-1997) was the first combining western funk and jazz with traditional african rhythms and grooves. He called it afrobeat. Felabration is a celebration of the life and music of The Black President.
door Jan Kinds
Legendary beats, historic bass...Chemical Brothers are still the ultimate weekend starters and closers on a after party. Chemicals that never wear off.
door Tivoli
If you're looking for new and exciting when it comes to electronica, you came to the right place with Tivoli by Night, Utrecht's finest club. Feat. Cashmere Cat, Major Lazer, Bonobo, Rustie, Black Sun Empire, Erol Alkan, Duke Dumont, Xosar.
door Aram Haagsma
An ode to James Brown's drummer Clyde Stubblefield (or maybe James was hís singer), he laid the foundation for a new breed of drum grooves.
door Theo Miggelbrink
Long live the niche! A Perfect dedicated to the 'Bo Diddley Beat'. The best songs with a Bo Diddley Beat, to be precise.
door Saul van Stapele
Not beef as in beef, but beef as in 'argument'. MC vs. MC. Clashes of titans, feat. Nas, Jay-Z, Ice Cube, LL Cool J, Kool Moe Dee, Common, Extince, Osdorp Posse, 2Pac, Cypress Hill.
door Sander van de Vecht
A Perfect to just move around a bit. Not really dancing, but more of a rhythmic walking type of thing. Try it. With Kid Koala, Mr. Scruff, Bonobo, DJ Food, Fink, Roots Manuva.
door Fabian Sapthu
0% Yéyétronic, 20% R'n'R, 10% Punkrock, 3% electronic effects, 4% French 60's beat, 7% genious dilettantism, 1,5% Cosmonaute, 10% old synthesizers, 10% 8-bit Amiga-sampling, 10% transistor amplifier, 1% expensive instruments.
door Paul Swagerman
Perfect Plaid. Not to be confused with music-to-lay-under-a-snuggy-with. This is future music.
door Giuseppe du Crocq
Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, Ice T, Snoop, Tupac, Digital Underground, Warren G, Ice Cube. They're all here. With there friends.
door Giuseppe du Crocq
Perfect East Coast, part one. You're cordially invited to make part two! Feat. Wu-Tang Clan, KRS One, A Tribe Called Quest, Jeru the Damaja and EPMD.
door Giuseppe du Crocq
Perfect J Dilla aka Perfect Your Favourite Producer's Favourite Producer. By Giuseppe du Croq.
door Wilbert Leering
Hiphop before it turned into hit pop. Loads of bragging, even more boasting. Includes e.g. NWA, Schooly D, Paris, Above The Law, MC Lyte, Slick Rick and Digital Underground.
door Jean Pierre Kin & Marthijn Klopper
Soon after MCA passed away, two of the biggest Beatie Boys-admirers made this hommage: Perfect Beastie Boys.
door Rich-Ears
A perfect rich-ears mix with the best material of this Icelandic wunderkind.
door Atze de Vrieze
BAM! Suddenly The Weeknd was there. The first working antidote against the Guetta-fication of R&B. Adventure and experimentation was back again. And after The Weeknd a 'new wave' came... Indie R&B.