door DAAU
Melancholy doesn't exclude optimism in this collection of music that was an influence on the members of Daau while composing their 'Eight definitions' album: Brian Eno, Cluster, Johan Johansson and more
door FumKaz (Herco Dijk)
The spaciest tunes out there. Minimal electronica selected by FumKza, taking you out of here, to space...the final frontier...
door David Haakman
The word 'enigmatic' comes to mind... This is an extremely special band. Nothing like this, really. Listen to this Perfect with your headphones on and you'll be enchanted (enigmatic and enchanted, in one introduction! Wow!)
door rich-ears
Rich-ears' sonic trips are notorious. This is his 17th mix! For the launch of he went all out with a two part symphony based on The Orb's work. This is part 2.
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door rich-ears
This Perfect by rich-ears gives you the right amount of 'enigmatic' to pay dues to the fantastic Flying Lotus.
door rich-ears
Simon Green's music sits nicely somewhere between easy listening, jazz and chillout. Dj RichEars selects his best tracks for this great mix.
perfect pete namlook two
door rich-ears
Rich-ears' ode to Pete Namlook, the master ambient-technno producer. Part two.
perfect pete namlook1
door rich-ears
Rich-ears' ode to Pete Namlook, the master ambient-technno producer. Part one.
door Sylvia Wink
Beauty & Consolation: some songs make waiting and recovering bearable. Sylvia Wink selected Portishead, Agnes Obel, Satie, Amatorski, Massive Attack, Apparat, Selah Sue and more.
door Steven Driehuis
'Please remain seated!' Quite hard, but that's the whole point of this series. On part 4: Breakbot, Lana Del Rey, Mayer Hawthorne, Crazy P, RAC, Kimbra, Marbert Rocel, Poolside.
door Nuno Dos Santos
Music that will almost get you of the couch and make you dance. Almost. Part 3, by Nuno Dos Santos. Tracks by King Britt, Twin Shadow, Andrea Parker, Cut Chemist, Modeselektor, Tipper.