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door Guuzbourg
Oh la la. Sous le soleil exactement, terwijl de chansons je oorlellen masseren. Dan moet het zomer zijn, want Guuzbourg is hier met zijn jaarlijkse selectie Franstalige kilometervreters. De Autoroute naar het zuiden voelt een stuk zwoeler.
door Guuzbourg
Oui, oui, in 't Fransje. En dan met zonneschijn, aanrollende golven, stukje kaas, baguetje en een uitzicht van merdenomdedieu d'r bij. Musique? Regelt Guuzbourg, al meer dan tien jaar.
door Guuzbourg
Putting the éééé! in l'Été!
door Guuzbourg
As we like to say: les tubes français pour l'été. Blasts from the past and hits du jour.
door Guuzbourg
A perfect summer soundtrack needs a french touch...
door Guuzbourg
It ain't perfect without parfait. Groovez-vous!
door Guuzbourg
The yearly french answer to Perfect Summer. Trottoir!
door Guuzbourg
May your jours be bon and your summers french!
door Guuzbourg
Croissant! It's that french summer vibe we all love so much. 2014 edition. By Guuzbourg.
door Guuzbourg
This Perfect (and the editions of 2010, 2011 and 2012) gives you a totally different summer feeling. Guuzbourg is your host (of course) and again no holds barred: this goes way beyond the french cliché...croissant, this is good!
door Guuzbourg
To brush up your french and your summer-y feeling. By Guuzbourg. So you know it's damn good.
door Guuz Hoogaerts (aka Guuzbourg)
The best summers are French, that's why Guuzbourg makes his traditional yearly Parfait Été. This is the 2011 edition. So much beauty, it makes us sigh. Avec Yelle, Mélanie Laurent, Padam et Deportivo.
door Guuzbourg
After sunshine comes rain. And the french have a great way of coping with that. Avec Austine, Dalida, Kodiak, Edith Piaf, Emilie Simon, Francoise Hardy, Pierre Guimard et plus.
door Guuz Hoogaerts (aka Guuzbourg)
Une été française sans fini, that must be heaven. This XL list gets you very close. Tracks by Brigitte, Babet, Zaz, Mustang, Sébastien Tellier, Yelle, Ycare, Austine, Eva De Roovere, Jacques Dutronc.
door Guuz Hoogaerts (aka Guuzbourg)
The best French pop (not necessarily from France) is lively, sensual and a great soundtrack while travelling. fillessourires.com's Guuzbourg collected another 19 great tracks.
door Guuzbourg
Americana with a French twist.
door Greg Harness
Folk off, it's summer (with a touch of world & roots)...
door Roos van Garderen
The Tour de France without all the scandals and the fallen angels is of course the best advertising France can have. With this Perfect you get all the good stuff France has to offer, in your ear and in your mind...which is quite...euhh...stimulating.
door Guuzbourg
When it comes to french music, we only trust Guuzbourg. Especially when it's about a female french singers. This Perfect (Vanessa) Paradis is van-tastic: light, sunny, delicieux.