by Guuzbourg
A weekly refreshed stash of great, non-english pop. By Guuzbourg.
by Black Pillow
Weekly refreshed by Black Pillow with new stuff and (recent) classics.
by St Paul
The latest gems handpicked & weekly ranked by St Paul. Refreshed every wednesday!
by Joakim Lindhout
A selection of great-but-unknown tracks from Pitch 2016 acts.
by St Paul
Goosebumps galore. All the way from here down to there. By St Paul.
by Didi Hardenberg
Exactly the right tempo for those days that may last forever.
by Guuzbourg
The yearly french answer to Perfect Summer. Trottoir!
by Wilbert Leering
Three is the magic number
by Norbert Pek
Best tunes for/of this year's summer.
by Peter Jeucken
This Perfect Aimee Mann might as well be called Perfect Popsongs.
by Guuzbourg
Americana with a French twist.
by Olaf van der Geld & Wilbert Leering
Hits in a fair world. All 23 of 'm.
by Matthijs van Burg
Nevermind the Pac Jam. Nevermind the Gap Band. Nevermind the Zap Band. Nevermind the Funk Scam. Cause we're The Red Hot Chili Peppers!
by Atze de Vrieze
Ground control to Major Tøm.
by Wilbert Leering
Made for the sun. Good for the soul.
by Wilbert Leering
Irresistible beats to could lead up to a full fletch pool party. Dancing is the only way.
by London Calling
A.s. zaterdag, 28 mei, kun je tot 05:00 je lol op in Paradiso tijdens London Calling.
by Bart Harms
Aahhh wooooooooooooo! A Perfect playlist with great songs about wolves!
by Olaf van der Geld & Wilbert Leering
Enough to make you smile. And dance.
by Leo Blokhuis
An ode to country legend Guy Clark (1941 - 2016), by Leo Blokhuis.
by Wilbert Leering
21 bonus tracks for the lovers of AIR's Moon Safari (1998).
by Wilbert Leering
Sun for your soul, soul for the sun.
by Leo Blokhuis
Leo Blokhuis made the perfect encore/amuse to Radiohead's latest masterpiece.
by Wilbert Leering
A wholesome start of your everyday.
by Martin Klomp
Heroes, both James Holden and his label Border Community. Saving the world with adventurous sounds.
by David Kleijwegt
A heartfelt tribute to Wim Brands.
by Jules Kersten
A travelling tale through America, filled with nostalgia and melancholy.
by Olaf van der Geld & Wilbert Leering
A wide variety of hits in a fair world.
The perfect Perfect if you like The Life of Pable just as much as Kanye does ;-)
by Geert Veneklaas
Known for his suits, perfect hair, soulful voice and the eclectic mix of musicals styles on his albums, combining soul, jazz, rock, reggae, blues, and even yodeling...
by Mark van Everdinck
Goosebumps and teardrops galore.
by Niels Aalbert & Wilbert Leering

Pop, maar dan net een beetje grootser en meeslepender. Serveertip: een stevige rode wijn. Enjoy!  

by Johan Gijsen
2016 is Giant Sand's farewell year. Perfect timing for a Perfect.
by Olaf van der Geld & Wilbert Leering
Mix de luxe. Shuffled, not stirred.
by Katja Hagenbeuk
The 16th edition of the Motel Mozaique Festival offers exciting music, art and performance. With DIIV, Damien Jurado, Jamie Woon, Leon Bridges, NAO, Protomartyr, jenny lee (Warpaint), Dario Tortorelli and dozens of brand new acts!
by Leroy Rey
A celebration of the Tribe's genious, but also an ode to Phife Dawg, of course...
by Didi Hardenberg
Chet Baker's story is just as heroic as it is tragic...
by Rard Spätjens
A perfect mix of yacht rock and down tempo disco. Take a sip of your martini sit back and relax
by Olaf van der Geld & Guy van der Hoop
Try to sit still.
by Berekvam
George Martin. Probably best known for being the fifth Beatle. But wait until you hear what more he did as a producer.
Perfect_london_calling 2016
by London Calling
Hello? It's London Calling!
by St Paul

Indie. Wat is het? Wat is het niet? 12 maart is het vooral een excuus om alles te kunnen draaien waar op een reguliere discobodem… lees meer

by Olaf van der Geld & Wilbert Leering
The usual recipe...only the names have been changed.
by Tim Kraaijvanger
The Talkbox. You know that wahwahwhawha-sound making mouth thing.
by Norbert Pek
Winter melts into spring and will later bursts into summer
by Vera van Dam
The couch is the only place safe. Stay there.
by Wilbert Leering
More of that psychedelic folky soul stuff.
by X
Nor shall death brag thou wander'st in his shade, when in eternal lines to time thou grow'st.
by Wilbert Leering

De maat vinden is nooit moeilijk in het donker. Zeker niet in dit donker. Gemaakt om iedereen te behagen. Je GT kun je gewoon in… lees meer

by Guuzbourg
Sigh baby, sigh.
by Olaf van der Geld & Wilbert Leering
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue...
The man.
by Theo Miggelbrink
Great to look at, fantastic to listen to. Or the other way around.
by Sandeman
The fine art of couch hanging. Part 14. By Sandeman.
Did Anderson .Paak made the album of the year (already)? Then this would be the Perfect of the Year ;-)
by Aux
The German love child of Punk and New Wave, born in the seventies.
by Olaf van der Geld & Wilbert Leering
Down tempo, mid tempo, up tempo...just what the doctor ordered.
by Guuzbourg
18 perfect hats off to Bowie.
by Rufus Ketting
The best pity of al pities: selfpity.
by Didi Hardenberg
Jazz but never zzzzzz.
by Atze de Vrieze
This is how 2016 will sound... As far as the ear can hear.
Perfect Chart Entries – 2015
by St Paul
All 364 songs that made it to our chart this year.
Perfect Bond Themes that arent
by Rens van den Boogaard
But could have...
by Henno Oldenbeuving & Wilbert Leering
Part one is more The Beatles 'by Paul'. Part two, this one, has a more 'John' feel.
by Henno Oldenbeuving & Wilbert Leering
Part one is more The Beatles 'by Paul'. Part two has a more 'John' feel.
by St Paul
Beat your tame Impala to pulp, and have Morrissey eat an arctic monkey.
by Niels Aalberts & Wilbert Leering
Our gift for your christmas diner.
by Olaf van der Geld & Wilbert Leering
Perfect If You Like One The Greatest Records Of 2015.
by Guuzbourg
Synth Nicolas has some electronic grooves up his sleeves.
by Mischa Verheijden
They came, saw and conquered.
perfect_iyl_bob moses
by Joakim Lindhout
Deep like Bob Moses' deepness.
by Wilbert Leering
Fronted by the flamboyant Marc Bolan, they hit big in Britain during the peak of '70s glam rock, influencing acts ranging from alternative to metal.
20 perfect songs of 20 perfect records of 2015. Plus one bonus track.
Greatness galore.
by Olaf van der Geld & Wilbert Leering
Beauty & the beats.
by Guy van der Hoop
Soundtrack for your journey to the center of the earth...or the French alps, whatever you prefer.
by Roy Santiago
Just plain perfect.
Begins where E.L.O ends and ends where E.L.O. begins. Simple irresistible.
by St Paul

Samen met Joost van Bellen en vj Switchdoctor mocht ik afgelopen zaterdag een avond rondom Joy Division en New Order bouwen. Een vierdubbele eer! Op… lees meer

by Marijn Hermanus
A salute to the founder of New Orleans funk. R.I.P. Alain Toussaint (1938-2015)
by Wilbert Leering
Flutes, whistles, panpipes don't suck...they blow!
by Grasnapolsky
Grasnapolsky. Winterfestival de luxe 5, 6, 7 februari 2016 @ Radio Kootwijk.
by Maurits Westerik
The inspiration for Bewilder's Dear Island album. Great record. Great Perfect.
by Olaf van der Geld & Wilbert Leering

103 in the place to be. De mixtape that keeps on giving. Enjoy!

by Clemens Rikken
Daniel Romano is the youngest, true country hero. This Perfect is a raid through his record collection.
by Olaf van der Geld
After the Beatles exploded, George Harrison erupted musically. And finally his music is on Spotify!
by Roy Santiago
It's Bowie. It's XL. It's perfect.
by Tom Smeets
Max 'Hitmaker' Martin.
by Rory Gilchrist
Plata o plomo...o musica?
by Bertolf
Bertolf just released his fifth solo album, First & Then. This Perfect is full of inspirational tracks for that album.
by St Paul
The diamond standard when it comes to Perfect playlists. Part nine. By St Paul of course.
by Olaf van der Geld & Wilbert Leering
What can we say? Shuffled not stirred. They keep on coming.
Perfect_NL_in de 80s
by Aux
It ain't much, if you don't speak dutch.
by Guuzbourg
If you like The'll love this.
by Jerry Goossens
In loving memory of Joost Zwagerman.
by Sander van der Horn
There's no such things as a perfect divorce of course...or is there?
3810-88; Touwtje springen
by Aux
If you don't speak dutch, it ain't much.
by René Noels
Here comes the fall again.
by Ralph Balk
Enjoy! But watch your neck!
4555-1 Picknick
by Aux
It ain't much, if you don't speak dutch.
by Wilbert Leering
A wide variety of greatness.
perfect funky violent
by Aux
At the end the eighties a cross over emerged, a violent mixture of metal, funk, punk & rap. An ode to those bands
by Tim Kraaijvanger
Putting the Sch into Swing!
by Ruud de Bruin
A Patrick Swayze's Road House inspired playlist. Gets better after each beer & whisky chaser.
Schermafbeelding 2015-08-12 om 20.27.57
by Guuzbourg
Let the talking do the talking.
by Olaf van der Geld & Wilbert Leering
A moving, grooving, schmoving, shaking, faking, snaking anniversary edition.
by Wilbert Leering
Twisting, rocking and rolling by the pool.
That summer feel. In 58 tracks.
by Didi Hardenberg
Every now and then a true genius stands up and redefines the instrument he Michael Brecker.
by Thijs Bontje
It sticks, moans, sweats and grinds. All the way from the United Swamps of America...
by René van der Veen
The band that should have been way bigger, in terms of record sales.
by Ewout van der Wouden
21 70s funk pearls and 21 times "on the one!".
by Guuzbourg
May your jours be bon and your summers french!
by Norbert Pek
Summer never a bummer. Norbert Pek's traditional sunny side up soundtrack.
by Greg Harness
Folk off, it's summer (with a touch of world & roots)...
by Studio Denk & Koen Janssen
Great songs with an edge, a glitch, a 'je ne sais quoi'...
Just give me the night.
by Chris Junkin
31 fairly undiscovered beauties. Part two.
by Didi Hardenberg
Dress down. Salsa up. Perfect.
by Olaf van der Geld & Wilbert Leering
Tonight we're gonna party like it's PS99!
by Chris Junkin
35 fairly undiscovered beauties. Part one.
by St Paul
Best trumpets, saxophones and tubas in town. Come and get it.
by Guuzbourg & Didi Hardenberg
A new chapter in Jazz, The Epic album by Kamasi Washington. If you like, you've came to the right place.
by Wilbert Leering
Some are old, some are new, some are borrowed, some are blue.
by Niels Aalberts & Erwin Blowm
Come in with a bang.
Hot Chocolate Frontman
by Guuzbourg
RIP Errol Brown. Girl crazy winner for ever!
by Guuzbourg & Villebèr
Hurray, hurray, today is the day...
The party is over. But the music is there to ease the pain.
by Paul Bakker
If you like the mellowness, the soulfulness and the humor of Action Bronson. You've came to the right place.
by Crispijn, Moz, Pam, Flox
The junior version of our very own Top 40.
perfect_lente_in_je bol
by Joost Pluijms
Spring is in the air / It's everywhere / The Birds / The Bees / The flowers and the trees. Or something like that. You know what we mean.
by Wilbert Leering & Olaf van der Geld
Hits in a fair world.
by London Calling
London Calling made a playlist as a warming up for the festival on 24 & 25 april in Paradiso, Amsterdam.
by Joost Pluijms

Heeft niets met Uber te maken! Heeft alles met feest te maken! Enjoy!  

by Didi Hardenberg
Gotcha! is back...but don't call it a comeback. They are just as timeless as this playlist.
by Steven Wilter
The Jamaican dj's - toasters - from the seventies were a great influence on hip hop culture. Listen to the biggest names on this Perfect.
by Eric van den Berg
"By the time you will hear the next pop, the funk shall be within you"...Bang! Album of the year 2015!?! A playlist filled with inspiration for Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly.
by Aux
This is how the dance floor sounded before it was dusted off en pitched up...
by Fuzz
You'll feel this one. Deep in your night life.
by Beans & Fatback
Good 'ol god fearing gospel...but not the pedal to the metal kind. Just a voice, a guitar and percussion. And hope of course.
by Rob Heerdink
Alan Freed was the first radio-dj to play black R&B music to white teenage audiences in the early 50s. He not only coined the term rock 'n' roll, but is seen as many as one of its greatest influencers.
by Aux
Laiiiiiiiid back.
by Olaf van der Geld
Dr John will cure all y'alls ills..
by Wilbert Leering
Dances left, tears right...things are gonna be aaaalllllright. Dive right in!
by Roy van Vilsteren
In the nineties The Black Crowes conquered the world with their sweaty bluesy rock. #1 fan Roy van Vilsteren selected his favourite tracks, which haven't lost their magic.
by Didi Hardenberg
Prepare for some good ol' heartaches, sadness and suffering...all in the name of country music.
by Olaf van der Geld
Meet the wonderful, magical Harry Nilsson: blissful pop, wild rock, eccentric comedy songs, extravagant, cinematic epics and intimate, philosophical ballads.
by Claudy Lubbers
D'Angelo is Back! You Want More? You Get More!
by Y'skid & St Paul
A Perfect that combines tracks of the Beastie Boys with tracks you can easily associate to the Boys Entering Anarchistic States Towards Internal Excellence (yessir!)
by Olaf van der Geld
After 1984 Elton John should have stopped making music. He wrote enough classics to last a few lifetimes.
by Leo Blokhuis
Laurel Canyon is not just a neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills, it's also the place where the 'Mellow Maffia' reigned in sixties & seventies.
by Stan Steeghs
Volume 2. A man of this calibre deserves it.
by Guuzbourg
Father John Misty released one the big records of 2015, a straight up contender for album of the year. And this is probably one of the big Perfects of the year as well.
by Sandeman
Another edition by our favorite couch instructor: Sandeman.
by Johan Gijsen
No Wu-Tang without soul!
by Wilbert Leering
18 pearls. Shuffled. Not stirred.
by Guuzbourg
A Perfect Prefab Sprout could have been just their entire 'Steve McQueen' album from 1985. But Guuzbourg put a little more effort into it. A compilation of perfect popsongs...
by St Paul
Perfect Talk Talk. But please, do read the blogpost.
by Didi Hardenberg
New Orleans is one of the world's most fascinating cities. Steeped in a history of influences from Europe, the Caribbean, Africa and beyond, it's home to a truly unique melting pot of culture, food and music.
by Norbert Pek
While hiding for winterstorms that never come, this is your soundtrack. For the 5th time Norbert Pek made Perfect Binnen Blijven. With some great recent tracks and some of that good old melancholia.
by Ethan Hawke
If the Beatles would have made one last giant album, it would have sounded like this...according to Ethan Hawke.
Just what the doctor ordered: some soul saving soul.
by Rob Heerdink
Demis Roussos was a pan-European, if not global, presence in the 1970s with a repertoire ranging from prog-rock with Aphrodite's Child to German schlagers to collaborations with maybe every non-english speaking singer of the 70s and 80s.
by Nick Klaessens
Before Haruki Murakami became one the most admired writers of the world, he had a jazz club. This Perfect combines them...
by Wilbert Leering
People who like 'this' also like 'that'.
by St Paul
How far you going back? Way back! St Paul takes a trip down memory lane...(a Perfect accompanying a blogpost about visiting the Lowlands festival for the 16th time.
What can we say? Folking great tunes, part two.
by Aux
Vorsprung durch elektronica. A perfect compilation of these german pioneers of electronic music by Aux.
by Aux
Enter the world of Prog Rock. Acquired taste required.
Mark Ronson's Uptown Special is almost like a compilation...a great mix of soul, funk, sixties, R&B, pop and a hint of psychedelica. That's exactly what this Perfect is.
You must turn to the dark side. A perfect collection of delightful gloomy tracks to keep the mood low and the tempo slow.
by Wilbert Leering
It's never too late for some great tunes.
by René Noels
A small ode to those great backing vocals who are sometimes even greater than the lead vocal...
by Atze de Vrieze
As far as the ear can hear: How will 2015 sound? The traditional prediction by Atze de Vrieze. Happy new names!
Let's slow disco the night/the year away...
by Rufus Ketting
A perfect playlist to pity yourself. Part Three.

Niet echt een playlist, meer een afronding van het jaar. De 19 beste albums, volgens ons. Voor de heb, zeg maar. Wie horen er bij? In… lees meer

by Didi Hardenberg
Miles' sound (and brilliance) is best heard through his slower, more melancholic work.
by Ruud de Bruin
The sweeter side of Rocksteady and a perfect playlist for coming home after a night out with the missus, and have a little shuffle in the kitchen.
by Niels Aalberts & Wilbert Leering
Putting 'holy' into 'holy shit'! Christmassy without the clichés, but with everything you want for christmas. Very merry.
by Aux
"I don't always play Rammstein...but when I do, so do my neighbours"...finally on Spotify! Jawohl!
by St Paul
The diamond standard.
by René Passet
Nick Talbot aka Gravenhurst suddenly passed away last week. René Passet made (and wrote) this beautiful requiem for him...
by Patrick Tersteeg
A Perfect as if it was the ultimate Lennon come back album...
by Didi Hardenberg
Miles was miles ahead. Hear his legacy live on in this Perfect.
by Wilbert Leering
Grooves, moves, breaks and beats. A lot of newness and nowness...Real Lies, Tycho, Generationals and many more.
by Ewout van der Wouden & Michael Kragt
Is it the groove? The lovingly dissonant guitars? John McCrea's flat, sarcastic voice? The band's shout-a-longs? It's Cake, and we love it, that's the only thing for sure.
Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
by Gijsbert Kamer
Everybody needs more Roxy Music (and Bryan Ferry) in his/her live!
perfect luc de vos
by Rob Hoveling & Ardy Beurskens
Luc de Vos has left the building. For good. He left us a beautiful legacy. Rest In Peace, Luc.
by Guuzbourg
Fuzzy, snaggy, shaggy, ratty, matty, oily, greasy, fleecy, shining...Perfect Garage Soul is all that.
by Norbert Mol
Dictators (from the east to the west) must be scared out of their minds! Must of us are fighting their powers with twitter and facebook from the comfort of our homes. And some of us write songs...
perfect_46 van 2014
46 is the magic number! 46 pearls of 2014 according to us @
by Quincy Troeno
There's some Taylor Swift left on Spotify...
by Aux tha Masterfader
Aux leads the way back to the roots of house music: electrofunk aka boogie aka post-disco.
by Robin Oostrum
Alle nummers zijn mooi, maar sommige zijn net iets mooier. Zoals 'Working Titles', gezongen tegen zichzelf, de immer afwezige artiest die geen tijd voor zijn geliefde heeft. "You could mess up my life in a poem / have me divorced by the time of the chorus / there's no need to change any sentence / if you always decide where I go next" is misschien wel het mooiste couplet ooit. Het door La Grande Belezza plots populaire 'Everything Trying' en persoonlijke live-hoogtepunt 'I Am Still Here' zijn de mineurballades die Damien op elk album weer uit zijn mouw weet te schudden. Op Nederlandse podia is 'Denton, Tx' regelmatig te horen in uitvoering van Kim Janssen, net als labelgenoot Broeder Dieleman groot fan van Damien Jurado.
Perfect Kick Back_
Just. Add. Bass.
by Wilbert Leering
Refreshness & dash of classics. That must Perfect Shuffle 91.
by Jaap Boots

Donderweg is een playlist die je kunt beluisteren voor, tijdens of na het lezen van de verhalenbundel Donderweg (Mijn leven in de fastlane van de popmuziek)… lees meer

by Alwine de Jong
Ella Fitzgerald. The greatest? Maybe! A perfect Perfect? Definitely!
by Stephan van Peursem
Top of the postrock. For over twenty years. Perfect moment for a Perfect.
by Grasnapolsky
Grasnapolsky. Great winterfestival in a perfect place: Radio Kootwijk. 6, 7 & 8 february 2015
by Jokke Samen
One of the many great things about the serie, is the fantastic music. This Perfect is based on that vibe.
by Wilbert Leering
Solace. As in 'Beauty as a cure for everything'. Part three.
by Anton Sleeuwenhoek
The Strokes never really recuperated from their fantastic debut album...but there's so much more to explore.
by Wilbert Leering
Beauty beats bummers, bleakness and bereavement.
by Wilbert Leering
We turned 90 today. But we still feel like 25.
by Lukie Stalenhoef
Three is the magic number. But you need 1 + 2 to get there...
by Wilbert Leering
Beauty equals comfort.
by Jerry Goossens
Catchy as hell, dance-able as a mother, but never too easy, never 'guilty'.
by Alexis Vos
How refreshing...A Perfect on a mainly American thing: Country Pop.
by Dr. Glow
Resistance is futile. These drops of greatness go straight to hearts and/or hips
by Norbert Pek & Wilbert Leering
Alt-J's sound is unique, of this was kind of a tricky Perfect. From the XX to Tom Vek and from Wild Beasts to Teleman. And everything in between (en right next to it).
by St Paul
Perfect as in 'Perfect'.
by Lars Meijer
Prince is often covered. But The Purple One did some covers himself as well...the perfect ones in one list.
by Didi Hardenberg
A perfect ode to the jazz dreamteams, the quintets.
by Rufus Ketting
Blonde Redhead is a trip and Rufus Ketting is the tour guide.
by Wilbert Leering
Perfect Shuffle 89. A tasty mix of plain greatness for september 2014. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue...
by Tom Smeets
One of American indierock's best kept secrets...Don't tell no one.
by Thomas Chavarria
Yezz, it's Perfect Hip Hop Jazz!
‘They take you back to the real thing’ Ö a shot from UKG, a photo book about the UK garage scene by
by Tom Smeets
UK Garage is the finest of house music. According to Perfect-maker Tom Smeets.
by Gideon Hofland
A whole lot of borrowed tunes and how they were altered/tweaked/ transformed/renovated/remodeled to make them sound delicious...
by Aux
Zoot Woman are electroclash heroes from Britain. Plastic-y synth-pop of the 80s, cheesy at first glance but there's much more beneath that shiny surface. The same goes for this Perfect, btw.
by Peter de Vries
The roots of funk are found New Orleans (and in this playlist).
by Wilbert Leering
Classics, instant classics and some hidden treasures. The recipe never changes, only the ingredients are different each time.
by St Paul
Talking Heads, Qu'est-ce que c'est? Perfect!
by René Noels
Made for autumn, but all weather-proof at the end.
by St Paul
Songs about numbers, you do the math.
by Hunter Complex
To Hunter Complex Synths and movie scores go together like horse and carriage, like ebony and ivory, like Madonna and plastic surgery. He's right.
by Jerry Goossens
All songs covered by The Ramons...talking about on epic collection. Hey ho, let's go!
The poppy shoegazers are back! Back with their third album and in Utrecht's EKKO. On monday the 11th of august they take the stage. See you there!
Something for your summer break. A guilty-as-hell-Perfect with all those songs you hate to love and love to hate. Let it go. No time for snobbery, it's time for guilty!
by Wilbert Leering
I love the smell of palms in the morning. Wondering. Pondering. Meandering.
by Norbert Pek
Summer 2014 just got more perfect.
by Wilbert Leering
Mostly songs from the Sixties. But not all of them. But they all have that certain vibe.
by Ruby Zwart
Without a fantastic soundtrack no real Tarantino. Just as classic as his movies. This Perfect is a tribute.
by Steven Wiltjer
Dancehallmusic wouldn't be the same without 'studio band' Roots Radics. They dominated the sound in the first half of the 1980s
In loving memory of Dee Dee, Tommy, Johnny and Joey.
by Erwin Blom
"Looking at my gucci it's about that time...".
by Guuzbourg
Loose the cool and let's slip into something more comfortable. Guilty as hell, but heavenly at the same time.
by Luuk Kloosterboer
Typhoon's Lobi Da Basi is an instant Dutch hip hop classic. This Perfect is based on Lobi's sounds, tales & vibes.
by St Paul
Goodbye comfort. Welcome pain.
by Joost Pluijms
The best dreams are electric.
by Het Funk Fenomeen
The everlasting sounds of electro funk. Mostly 80s, but some of them are very 21st century. Which proves our point.
by David Kleijwegt
Bobby Womack, a true soul legend. Not the Womack behind the eighties hit Teardrops, but the one that gave The Rolling Stones their first number one...and much, much more. He died on June 27, 2014. Leaving behind great tunes ánd great stories.
by Wilbert Leering
Part 86 of your monthy hits in fair world infusion!
by Peter de Koning & Sizzer Amsterdam
What can we say? 'Hell awaits' you? It's 'Raining Blood'? Meet 'Angel Of Death'?
by Guuzbourg
Croissant! It's that french summer vibe we all love so much. 2014 edition. By Guuzbourg.
by Norbert Pek
Norbert Pek pushed the summer has begun.
by St Paul
14 reasons for some good ol' euphoric dancing. By St Paul.
by Hugo van de Poel
A perfect ode to Lo-Fi. Imperfect music - by definition - when it comes to it's production. But that's the whole thrill of this selection.
by Guuzbourg
Part three of the perfect triptych by Guuzbourg: the second half. An ode to football and to samba, of course.
perfect_sambaballen_de rust
by Guuzbourg
Half time. Time for some peace & quiet. But the samba party is always lurking around the corner...let's prepare for the second half.
perfect_sambaballen_deel 1
by Guuzbourg
Part one of a perfect triptych by Guuzbourg: the first half, the half time break and the second half. An ode to football and to samba, of course.
The delightful reassurance of evergreens and everlasting mellowness. Works on crowded beaches and in backyards. Best served with some chilled Lambrusco.
by Atze de Vrieze & Marlein Parlevliet
And now for something completely different.
Songs that could/should have been in the movie. Everything from Rap to R&B, Punk, Soul, Blues, Alternative.
by Ole Tappert
This could be the beginning of a beautiful Summer...or maybe Spring really IS better; more to look forward to, nothing to be disappointed about.
by Alexis Vos
A lovely Perfect that tries to fill the void Stipe and his mates left behind. A little bit. The sound is there...The Voice is lacking, of course
by Claudy Lubbers
Funk. Soul. Grooves. Moves...and sexy as hell.
by Guuzbourg, Leon Geuyen & Gijs Wilbrink
Dolly & Portener, June & Johnny, Emmylou & Gram and many more 'linnets'. Common & perfect at the same time.
What can we say? Folking great tunes!
by Robbin Bakker
RAWK! This band gives you the best bluesrockpunkpsychedelica-blend in town.
by Wilbert Leering
Instant classics, summer flings and a longtime love.
by St Paul
Stevie Wonder. Classic as in CLASSIC. St Paul narrowed all that gold Stevie came up with down to 25 tracks. Not in chronological order, but in order of feeling.
by Theo Miggelbrink
Subroutine Records is a dutch 'indie, pop, rock and noise' label, from Groningen to be exact. Since 2005 they release some pretty exciting stuff. Time for a 'summary'.
by Joost Pluijms
Go where the music takes you. This perfect is your perfect travel companion. Or as Joost Pluijms puts it: "sheer indulgent relaxation and blissful laziness, being deliciously idle!". Cheers.
by Het Funk Fenomeen
An irresistible XL playlist with tracks and remixes by Todd Terje and his friends Kasper Bjørke, Prins Thomas, Lindstrøm, Joakim and Diskjokke.
by Sandeman
The soundtrack of your park life! Enjoy!
An XL ode to Nick Drake and his music. A Perfect playlist that will take you to melancholy capital. Be safe.
by Joost Pluijms
The neighbor just called about the music...if you can turn it up?!
by Guuzbourg
If you're into maximum rock 'n soul, you've come to the right place!
by Wilbert Leering
Serve with slightly cooled red wine and you'll be just fine.
by Unterwelten
A genuine musical trip. Bach, Bon Iver, Velvet Underground, DM Stith, Joseph Arthur, Bowie (and many more)...side by side in perfect harmony. From the dark end of the soul across the wobbly path of despair it takes you to beautiful places...
by Pondertone
A 17 track perfect synopsis of Eels. Gloomy: yes, boring: never. Around the dark clouds the weltschmerz, guilt and sorrow there is still some silver lining...this is not rock bottom, it can always get worse!
by Erwin Blom
Heavenly Sunday Social at the Albany in the center of London was a "glorious chaos, week in week out" and "there was no genre, just good music!". And that's just what this Perfect by Erwin Blom is, of course. 90s, here we go!
Probably one of the best albums of 2014, so we are aiming high with this one...
by Zzzzz
See you in the morning.
by Frank Meeuwsen
Let's celebrate those pearls Kurt Cobain left us with. Frank Meeuwsen picked 17 of 'm.
by Ik Zie U Graag Festival
'Ik Zie U Graag' is the Belgium The Netherlands. This year it's being held for the 6th time. This Perfect is a fantastic overview of the 5 earlier editions.
by René Passet
Frankie Knuckels died on april 1st 2014, 59 years old, way too young. Nothing less than a legend and genius, his aka wasn't 'The Godfather of House' for nothing.
A small ode by 15 fans for one of the biggest voices ever...
by Guuzbourg
No hits, just nuggets. 16 hidden pearls retrouvé by Guuzbourg. Enjoy!
by Jochen de Vos
Fifteen perfect examples of remixes that have added so much to the original that the remix is actually better. Way better.
by Norbert Pek
It's 2014 and spring is in the air! It's time to celebrate with these sunny tunes, compiled by Perfects own Norbert Pek. Cheers!
by Nuno Dos Santos
This will keep you up all night. A fantastic selection of awesome tracks by Nuno Dos Santos. Hot. Damn.
by Wilbert Leering
18 scoops of pure pleasure.
by Job Roggeveen
What inspires Happy Camper Job Roggeveen to make such beautful songs? Well: eels, Das Pop, Sufjan Stevens, Chilly Gonzales and more. Great songs only.
by St. Paul
Goosebumps way down to your soul. St Paul offers you the cream of the crop, with sugar on top. Part 7 of the stuff we grave for.
by Maurits Westerik
Elmer Johnson, Elston Gunn, Blind Boy Grunt, Jack Frost, Lucky Wilbury, Robert Milkwood Thomas, Sergei Petrov, Jack Fate, Tedham Porterhouse, His Royal Bobness, Bobby, Zimmy, Zimbo, The Voice of a Generation, The Bard aka Bob Dylan. Too big for just one name.
by Martijn Groeneveld
Hail Quincy.
by Ivo Victoria
A must-read soundtrack. By Ivo Victoria.
by Susan Stiletti
Why limit yourself to top 40/mainstream female artists? Bé can carry a tune alright but there are so many other truly talented singers out there. Here's a small list Susan Stiletti compiled.
by Martin de Zeeuw
Wake the town and tell the people! A perfect playlist list of late sixties and early seventies reggea classics.
by Jacqueline Govaert
Jacqueline Govaert's new album Songs To Soothe does exactly what the title promises. This Perfect contains the beautiful songs that were floating around while making her new album...
by René Noels
All you need is a couch and 1 hour and 55 minutes...
by Real Estate
The inspiration to Real Estate 2014 record 'Atlas'. Nuggets and classics, all the way from Little Wings to The Grateful Dead, via Bob Dylan.
by Theo Miggelbrink
George Drakoulias is the man who discovered the Beastie Boys, and who later produced for Rick Rubin’s American Recordings. Best known for his productions for The Black Crowes, Tom Petty and personal favourites Ride!
by Hessel van den Pol
Thank you, eighties!
by Mark van de Vis
She'll be the girl that walks by and has got everybody wondering what your future could be like with her. Or how the night is going to turn out.
by St. Paul
Dive right into the subtropical wet 'n wildness op St Paul's Perfect Pool Party.
by Wilbert Leering
A bunch of new stuff and some old stuff that will always be great stuff...that "live together in perfect harmony...".
by Aux (aka Auke Riemersma)
If there's one producer who deserves the 'Perfect Producer sign of approval' it is Phil 'Wall of Sound' Spector. His production skills are legendary, just as his life story.
by Guuzbourg
We had lounging at the end of the 90' and we have 'couching' in the 10's. If it was up to us. Part 11, by Guuzbourg.
by Omar Muñoz Cremers
This 19xx-series is a search for the best music year in the history of mankind. The question: was it 1991? Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't. This Perfect 1991 is one hell of a '1991 for president!'.
by Moss
The perfect inspiration for the new Moss record. From The Walkmen to Chvrches, from Lower Dens to Diiv.
by Jaap Boots
The first word that comes to mind is 'inimitable' (ok, we used google translate for that one). Especially his early works are a grand mixture of blues, pop, funk and audio-collages, to name a few.
by Jack & Paddymac
Blur's nerdy one, with the spectacles, you know, the best guitar player of his generation, the best guitarist since Johnny Marr... Perfect, catchy pop songs with a slightly sour twist and a good piece of melancholy on the side.
by Ewout van der Wouden
Golden songs, platinum voices, legendary stuff.
by Peter Zantingh
Part two is the more upbeat sequel to the first folky version of this European diptych. Needless to say, of course: this is not just a conceptual Perfect, this is a great collection of tracks.
by Nout van Deijck
This American-Venezuelan king of freak folk made quite a reputation for himself the last 10 years. It's time for a Perfect.
by Ewout van der Wouden
A collection of perfect thing in common...well, one man in common: singer, songwriter, producer Neil Finn. A lot of guilty pleasure here, which comes with the perfect popsong-territory of course.
by Peter Zantingh
Part one is a melancholic, folky trip that takes you through the greatest cities in Europe. BTW: this is not just a conceptual Perfect, this is a great collection of tracks.
by Dave von Raven
This 19xx-series is a search for the best music year in the history of mankind. The question: is it 1977? Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't. This Perfect 1967 is pretty perfect as well. By Dave von Raven.
by Guuzbourg
If you like Stromae, you'll love this Perfect. It's a hats off to this Belgian hero (who's every french teacher's pet off course, for taking this language back to the kids) full of french heroes, hip hop, eurohouse and a drunk piano.
by Lukie Stalenhoef
TGFG! (Thank God for gravity!). It will keep you down, down where you belong: on the couch. Sit, take a chill pill and...'hang bank' for a good hour.
by Ruby Zwart
Young souls making old soul, old souls making new soul which sounds like old soul. In short: Perfect New Vintage Soul.
by Eddy Stolk
Legendary stuff.
by Martijn Koetsier
Double lead guitar magic! Rock times two = RAWK!
by Rens van den Boogaard
Richard Swift? Richard Swift! The man behind Damien Jurado, Foxygen and others. A great singer-songwriter and a great producer as well. This is an introduction to Swift's work...
by Wilbert Leering
Part 81 of our version of Discovery Channel. Great (new) songs by Paradis, Jungle, Crooked Colours, Bjørn Torske and many others. And a few all time classics/favorites to top it all off.
by Gijsbert Kamer
This 19xx-series is a search for the best music year in the history of mankind. The question: is it 1979? Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't. This Perfect 1979 is a diamond. By Gijsbert Kamer.
by Rick de Leeuw
This 19xx-series is a search for the best music year in the history of mankind. The question: is it 1977? Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't. This Perfect 1977 is pretty perfect. By Rick de Leeuw.
by Nick Klaessens
Jules Deeler. Poet, jazz drummer, performer, story teller, living legend This Perfect is a collection of typical Deelder-ian tracks.
by Wilbert Leering
The movie was awesome, but the soundtrack made it a classic. This Perfect is the sequel. Or the encore. Or an ode.
by Dave von Raven
Some people call the Dylan the American Boudewijn de Groot. It's probably the other way around, but this man is truly in a league of his own. Great lyrics, great tunes and a great Perfect.
Finally: Oasis on Spotify and Deezer! So here it is, Perfect Oasis. 23 brilliant tracks by our favourite rock-'n-roll-stars.
by Meindert Talma
Meindert Talma's biggest influences. A Perfect that takes you from Phillip Glass to Mick Jagger and from Sonic Youth to Lauri Anderson. Quite a ride.
by Didi Hardenberg
Jazz & Country, two seemingly incompatible worlds of music. 'Seemingly', indeed. Didi Hardenberg proves that these two genres are closer to each other than one might expect...and how this cross over produced some great tunes.
by Norbert Pek
1994. Best year in music ever? For some it was a pretty damn perfect year.
by Geert Veneklaas
21 fantastic synthpop classics from 1980 - 1985 compiled by Geert Veneklaas. Who's musical career is rooted in these tunes and especially the vibe the synthesizer brought him in the early eigthies.
The Everly Brothers
by Guuzbourg
Don't ever underestimate the influence of the Everly Brothers. And that's hard to do after this Perfect...
by Wilbert Leering
Perfect advice for every starting rapper or r&b act: "Go see the doctor!". Dr Dre definitely definitely deserves the official Perfect Producer Seal of Approval.
by Rufus Ketting
It's not a bad thing to pity your self every once in a long as you do something about it. That's where this Perfect comes in. It gives you even more pain, other people's pain. Very therapeutic. This is Part 1. Need more? Part 2 is waiting for you!
by Rufus Ketting
It's not a bad thing to pity your self every once in a long as you do something about it. That's where this Perfect comes in. It gives you even more pain, other people's pain. Very therapeutic. This is Part 2. Need more? Part 1 is waiting for you!
by Jack Poels
The two kings of their own unique genre 'country-rock 'n roll-close harmony'. Phil passed away on january 3rd. He was 75 years old. Jack Poels made this honorary Perfect, with a few awesome covers...
by Tessa Rose Jackson
Part 9 of our favorite Perfect-series. This edition is compiled by Tessa Rose Jackson. Sit down, take a chill pill and float upstream...let the music do all the work.
by Atze de Vrieze
Happy New Names! What will 2014 sound like? Atze de Vrieze takes a leap forward and predicts the (near) future. It's gonna be a great year with Kate Boy, Asgeir, Chloe Howl, Afterpartees, Jungle and 20 others.
by Nuno Dos Santos
2013 through the ears of dj/producer/label owner/talented and all round nice guy Nuno Dos Santos. It's a deep atmospheric mix that takes you places you haven't visited this year.
by Mieke Atema
A most versatile and thoughtful bloke, indie-hero Sufjan Stevens. His remedy for the annual christmas blues is more christmas songs. This perfect is sort of a synopsis of two box-sets he produced over the years. Thank god for great music.
by Thijs ter Avest

Trompetten in muziek; maar dat mogen ook trombones zijn, of hoorns, of tuba’s. Dat alles in combinatie met kerst, zonder de tamboerijn, kerstbel en Flappie…. lees meer

by Guuzbourg
Take off those wintercoats, put on those sunglasses, forget the turkey and start a winter bbq instead. This is the soundtrack for a totally different christmas vibe!
by Niels Aalberts, Wilbert Leering
Ears are like turkeys, they need filling too. The first in a series of Xmas compilations, to be played during Xmas dinner or on December evenings. Feat. Elbow, Beirut, Yeasayer, Malcolm McLaren, Phoenix, Spoon, Richard Hawley.
by Wilbert Leering, Niels Aalberts
Ears are like turkeys, they need filling too. The 2nd in a series of Xmas compilations, to be played during Xmas dinner or on December evenings. Hives, Pogues, Kate Bush, Fleet Foxes, Ronettes, Chi-Lites.
by Niels Aalberts, Wilbert Leering
Ears are like turkeys, they need filling too. The third in a series of brilliant Xmas compilations. Feat. Pretenders, Neko Case, The Smiths, The Radio Dept, Canon Blue, My Morning Jacket, Richard Hawley.
by Niels Aalberts, Wilbert Leering
Ears are like turkeys, they need filling too. The fourth in a series of great Xmas compilations. With Fountains of Wayne, Ultravox, Shuggie Otis, Real Estate, Brett Dennen, Ride, Spinvis & more.
Nummer van de dag dot nl (song of the day dot nl) is a music blog that celebrates great songs and the stories that go along with them. This Perfect is a monument for reaching the 1000 mark: a thousand songs and a thousand stories.
by Niels Aalberts, Wilbert Leering
The fifth in a series of great Xmas compilations, to be played during Xmas dinner or on cold December evenings. With Air, The Stranglers, The Prayer Boat, The Blue Nile, Embrace, Jake Bugg & more.
by Niels Aalberts, Wilbert Leering
Music and christmas, for us they are intertwined. It's a make or break situation. This is part six of our Operation Great Music for Great Christmas Days & Evenings (and other long winter nights).
A sort of selfie; this is what we (the four of us @ feel are the best 37 songs of 2013.
by Ruben Huis in t Veld
Brilliant Dreampop with a hint of classical music. Made for the fall and the winter. Made to ease troubles and pains. Made in Canada, with love.
by Didi Hardenberg
A Perfect "Hats off to the piano" by our Jazz-dealer Didi Hardenberg. As he puts it himself 'easy, jazzy, laid back, groovy', that little line just htere has a groove of its own.So you know it's gonna be cooler than a polar bear's toenails.
by Guuzbourg & Didi Hardenberg
Say goodbye good...28 times. Did Hardenberg & Guuzbourg are responsible for this Heart Make Hotel. Here you can check in for free, you've payed with your love already. 27 songs with the word 'goodbye' in their titles, but don't confuse this with a novelty Perfect: this is the good stuff.
by Anna Jansen
Apparently we’re quite good at this stuff. Folk 'n Roll has a very sensitive side and mostly uses a classic band setting - often combined with classical instruments - but it can also kick the shit out of your stereo with the punching beats and a sing-along chorus.
by Ted Langenbach
Ted Langenbach is a legendary party guru from Rotterdam. He's been conquering the dancefloors for 25 years. These are his favourite tracks.
by Guuzbourg
Piano means 'easy' in Latin. And 'smooth' and 'graceful'. Exactly the right words to describe this Perfect as well.
by Atze de Vrieze
KLABAM! Part two of one of our most loved Perfects. More of that catchy as hell-sexy as fuck-suave-head nod-thing called Indie R&B. We love it.
by Frank Meeuwsen
Jimi Hendrix, the man who changed guitar music single-handedly, with two hands (and his teeth). Pretty damn hard to make Perfect on this guy, on the left you have the disappointed people and on the right the 'I hate to say I told you so, it's impossible to make a Perfect about God'-crowd. In the middle, there's us.
by Claudy Lubbers
Perfect Fresh Soulbrothers...A treasure room full of diamonds (in the rough).
by Norbert Mol
This Perfect takes you from Kelis to Beyoncé and from No Doubt to Daft Punk, and clearly proves Pharrell is one of greatest artist & producer of his time.
by Frank Beemer
A perfect artist for a Perfect. A huge carreer with big hits, but he has so many different sides, besides the hits. Frank Beemer made a Perfect about the 'other Elvis' which he calls the 'best of the rest'. Enjoy!
by Norbert Pek
This isn't pulp, this is pure brilliance. Norbert Pek selected his favourite tracks of these Britpop-heroes.
perfect joy division__
by Eddy Stolk
Classic. Classic. Classic. We must say: it takes some guts to make a Perfect about a band like this. You're bound to miss something (according to others) or to be too much in the know. This Perfect is just...well...perfect. Enjoy!
by Wilbert Leering
It's our party and we...cry/dance/groove/move/sing/shake if we want to. Number 80 is all for your delight (and our own). A mixture of great & awesome.
by Reijer van 't Hul & Luuk Kloosterboer
So You Fink You Can Fink? Well, you can now. Although it might appear if you don't listen closey, that Fink is a singer-songwriter, it's actually Fin Greenall and band. And with their intens vibe they take you all kinds of places...
by Leo Blokhuis
In the late 70's Disco suddenly vanished. The shipping was gold, but the returns became platinum. Overnight. But was disco really dead? Or did it change shape, size or form? Leo Blokhuis made a perfect documentary and a Perfect Secret of Disco. Get down!
by Sandeman
Do nothing. Hear everything. A totally chilled out selection by Sandeman.
by Norbert Pek
Staying inside because of rain, thunder, twisters isn't a drag when you play Perfect Binnen Blijven 4 by Norbert Pek. With The Hollies, Arcade Fire, Eels, Dan Croll, more.
by Claudy Lubbers
Perfect Fresh Soulsisters...A treasure room full of diamonds (in the rough).